Top 10 Best Places to Elope In colorado 2023

LAST UPDATED September 13, 2023

Best Places to Elope in Colorado 2023

So ya wanna elope and ya wanna find the most jaw-dropping locations in Colorado! Are you thinking of an epic mountain elopement? Sand dunes? Snow covered peaks? Icy lakes? Purple skies? Well get ready, because I’m about to give you the lowdown on all the best elopement locations in Colorado!

Why You Should Elope in Colorado

First let’s talk about why you want to elope in Colorado. The biggest and best draw of it all is Colorado’s natural majesty. It might be a bit cliche, and might sound a bit corny, but Colorado is truly MAGICAL. It’s got everything you could want. Whether it’s a cozy cabin elopement for 2 or a 20 mile hike up and down 14ers, Colorado has your back.

Two other awesome reasons – your fur-babies can legally witness your marriage license and you can even self-solemnize, meaning you don’t need an officiant!

Same sex couple runs through the snow at their Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

Before we get into the best places to elope in Colorado, here are some things to consider as you start planning your Colorado elopement:

  • Check for permits! Some places, like Rocky Mountain National Park, require permits for elopements, weddings, and even photography. I can help you with all your permitting questions.

  • Weather: Colorado’s weather is quite the adventure in itself. Make sure to consider how weather might impact your location.

  • Plan to get your marriage certificate within 30 days of the actual wedding! For a small fee, you can get your marriage certificate in a local city hall office. If you are traveling to get married in Colorado, you will need a Colorado certificate. Can’t bring that Wisconsin or New York paperwork. What you can bring with you, are those fur babies we talked about!

  • Check out my Colorado Elopement Packages & Guide for 2023 to learn even more about everything elopement related.

How to Choose Your Elopement Location

Now that you’ve learned about some of the most beautiful places to elope in Colorado, you’re probably wondering, how do we pick? Here’s a quick step by step process:

Step 1 – Dream Big

Step 2 – Make a list of locations

Step 3 – Logistics / Money / Timing

Step 4 – Narrow down the selection

Step 1 – Dream Big

First and most important – you’ll want to spend some time talking about your ideal elopement day. What does it feel like? What’s the weather like? The season? What’s the scenery? Do you have mountains in the background, beaches, hills, desert? Once you figure out these important details you can move to number 2!

Step 2 – Make a List of Locations

Once you have your list of ideal elopement feels, you can start creating a list of which locations match those details.

Step 3 – Logistics, Money, Timing

Now that you have your list of locations, start looking up the logistics. Where exactly are they located? Can you get to them? If you have guests coming, can they get to that spot? Are permits needed, and if so, can you obtain them? What’s the total cost of locking down this location between permits, travel, lodging etc…

Step 4 – Choose your Locations!

Once you’ve answered all those questions you’ll have a pretty condensed list of the best places to elope in Colorado for you and your boo! One last thing to consider is backup locations. Adventures in nature can always encounter unforeseen changes, like road closures, trail closures, adverse weather. So when choosing a place, choose one that has favorite backup locations close by!

Want A Free Guide & Checklist to Plan Your Elopement?

This Guide and Checklist was created to make your life a whole lot easier – so you can just focus on being present and enjoying the moment!

Download the Ultimate Elopement Planning Guide and Checklist


Talk to an expert at Colorado elopement locations – like me! Hey, I’m Adam and my biggest joy is helping you create the best damn day of your life. Colorado and it’s mountains are my home, so you’re in good hands when you ask me about locations. Feel free to reach out for a free chat and to learn more 🙂

Best Places to Elope in Colorado

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

Right before you head to Rocky Mountain National Park is a gem of a location called Estes Park. Estes is home to several lakes, hills, fantastic views, sunsets, animals, and a cute town. Whether you want to hang out by a lake, hike some epic trails, or rock climb, this area has it all. If you want to hit a lake, go to Mary’s Lake. It has a wonderful walking path all around it, and is surrounded by rising hills. You can even rock climb for your elopement. I once saw a meteor falling to earth during an elopement. Do you need another sign for the magic that awaits you?

This location is fantastic as a jumping off point for so many other adventures – whether it’s in Rocky Mountain National Park or Indian Peaks Wilderness, it’s just a quick ride away. You can also easily get to Breckenridge and hit a whole lot of ski resorts for some epic powder. Estes Park and the surrounding areas certainly make the list as one of the best places to elope in Colorado!

My personal thoughts on Rocky Mountain National Park / Estes Park:

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most famous and stunning parks in all of America! It’s got epic backdrops and you can’t go wrong. It’s perfectly beautiful all year round, with each season offering something different. The park now has significant restrictions on how many permits they give out, which are first come first serve. If you wanna get married here inquire immediately so you can snag one of the few permits and then let your heart soar as high as the mountain tops!

2. Indian Peaks Wilderness

Nestled among the hills and quieter than a lot of other popular elopement sites is Brainard Lake. To the West, mountains tower over the lake, and to the south you’ll find gentle rolling hills filled with lush green trees. There’s plenty of hiking, and nature all around. You can find sandy beaches, glaciers, hidden lakes, and endless adventure in Indian Peaks Wilderness. It’s one of my all time favorite spots. If you look below you’ll see a couple basking in Alpine glow. That’s when the sun just rises and showers snow covered mountain tops with an orange / red glow. An elopement at Indian Peaks Wilderness is truly magical and one of the best places to elope in Colorado. 10/10 Do recommend!

Couple at their Indian Peaks Wilderness elopement

Why I love Indian Peaks Wilderness

Indian Peaks wilderness is both gorgeous and highly accessible during the summer and early fall. There are a lot of stunning lakes at varying distances from the parking lot, from mere feet away to several miles. Most of these hikes have very limited altitude gain which makes this a highly accessible option for wedding couples who don’t want to work hard to get to their wedding spot.

Things to note – the main gate closes mid October until the end of May which adds an extra 4 miles round trip to get from the winter parking lot to the main lake, Brainard Lake. Winter elopements are a great option here for people who truly truly want to earn it. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with summer or fall!

Couple kisses at their Indian Peaks wilderness elopement

3. Breckenridge/Sapphire Point

Breckenridge is a stunning little ski town nestled in the mountains and on all the lists as one of the best places to elope in Colorado. It’s super close to a lot of gorgeous mountain ranges, trails, and adventure opportunities. You cannot go wrong here!

One popular spot (for good reason!) is Sapphire Point. This place is a total dream for elopements. Situated smack dab in the middle of the magnificent Rocky Mountains, Sapphire Point serves up some seriously jaw-dropping views. It’s also super accessible if that’s a concern for you or your guests, with parking just steps away. It really is a perfect blend of accessibility, romance, and a touch of adventure.

Whether you choose Sapphire Point or a more secret spot nestled in the hills which only I know about, your options are enormous.

A day here can start off in a cabin, overlooking the sunrise glistening off of snow-capped mountains. Then we could adventure forth on an epic trail, seeing fantastic sites, avoiding the crowds. Creating memories that will last a lifetime. We reach a summit overlooking the world, you say your “I Do’s.” We’ll have a blast and laugh like crazy while you two celebrate. We cap it all off with a perfect evening in Breck, eating and drinking and being super merry. What isn’t to love about Breckenridge?? It is one of the most popular and best places to elope in Colorado.

Check out my Ultimate Guide on Your Breckenridge Elopement!

Couple laughs at their Brekenridge Colorado elopement

Why I love Breckenridge

Breckenridge is a gorgeous mountain town super close to Denver, offering all types of adventures all year round. There’s locations overlooking the mountains with no hiking necessary, and alpine lakes that require lots of hiking. There’s breweries and waterfalls. There are multiple world class ski resorts. I mean, you really have it all here, and so so close to Denver. It’s one of the best places in the country, in my humble opinion, to get married.

Couple at their Brekenridge Colorado elopement

4. Boulder/Sunrise Amphitheater

Just next to and outside Boulder are a lot of excellent options with stunning views. I kid you not, you wouldn’t know it looking at the photos below, but Boulder is right next door! That’s what makes Boulder such an awesome place. You have parks, hills, trails, mountains, and it can be a jumping off spot for a lot more elopement locations further into the mountains.

Sunrise Amphitheater is one of my favorites if you have family attending and want a reserved location overlooking Boulder and the great expanses beyond. Perched high up in the majestic Boulder Mountains, this amphitheater offers panoramic views over the iconic red rocks and lush pine forests below. The amphitheater is available from May-October, and can be reserved in advance so you have the place to yourself. Prime slots fill up fast, though, so be sure to book as early as possible!

Couple kisses at their Boulder Colorado Elopement

Colorado is a magical place for its flexibility. You can have stunning locations just outside a city, and isolated mountain ranges further in. The options are limitless and that’s why I highly recommend coming out here for your elopement. Boulder offers a lot of ease of accessibility with stunning views which is why it’s one of the best places to elope in Colorado.

Why I Love Boulder

Nestled right at the front of the mountains, Boulder is a major, yet small city, that is a great place for people who want the feel of the mountains without venturing into the actual mountains. You’ll have a bustling cute health conscious city surrounded by beautiful peaks and wonderful overlooks. This is perfect for a small elopement.

Couple says vows at their Boulder Colorado elopement

Want A Free Guide & Checklist to Plan Your Elopement?

This Guide and Checklist was created to make your life a whole lot easier – so you can just focus on being present and enjoying the moment!

Download the Ultimate Elopement Planning Guide and Checklist

5. Garden of the Gods

Colorado is known for its red rocks jutting out of the ground to create a stunning backdrop. If you want to elope surrounded by these gorgeous red rocky formations, a Garden of the Gods elopement must be on your list of best places to elope in Colorado. Located between Denver and Colorado Springs, it’s easy to get to. The walks in the park are fairly easy, without much elevation. While it’s teeming with people, planning ahead can make for a romantic and easy location that will amaze everyone who sees your photos.

And if you work with me, I know all the good spots away from the crowds. So we can get you some isolation and privacy while you celebrate your happiest moment. Check out this ultimate guide on eloping at Garden of the Gods!

Couple celebrates at their Garden of the Gods Elopement

Why I Love Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is an iconic location located in a major Colorado city, that’s free to go to! That’s the biggest draw – great views, free, and easy to get to. If what you are after is that combination, and don’t mind people being around, this place may be perfect for you. Hot Tip – Definitely go during the middle of the week, otherwise you’ll be competing with a lot of other guests and tourists.

6. Great Sand Dunes National Park

WOOWOWOWOW. So much of Colorado is stunning, but the Sand Dunes are one of the most stunning locations you can imagine. The dunes rise from the ground and fill the skyline with their rolling hills. It’s such a blast hanging out there. You can go hiking, take a 4X4 and explore, you can star-gaze, you can rent sleds and sled down the dunes. There are so many activities and possibilities while enjoying one of America’s coolest spots.

I can’t recommend this location enough. It’s just out of this world. And nearby are some other stunning locations, so you can hop from one spot to the next and just enjoy an epic adventure. No list of best places to elope in Colorado is complete without the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Check out this ultimate guide on eloping at the Great Sand Dunes National Park!

Couple and their dog at their Great Sand Dunes National Park elopement

Why I Love The Great Sand Dunes National Park

How can you not love the largest sand dunes in all of America, especially when it’s surrounded by snow-capped mountains?! This is a truly majestic place to get married and offers something totally different than the rest of Colorado, and in fact, most of America. If you want a totally unique & extraordinary experience this is the place.

A pro-tip – you aren’t limited to just the park. There are mountains, waterfalls, airplane rides, alpine lakes, hikes, jeep tours just outside the park that can be combined for a truly adventurous and astounding experience.

7. Aspen – Maroon Bells Amphitheater

Some of the most iconic locations in Colorado are indeed in Aspen. The most photographed mountains in Colorado are right at Maroon Bells. If you go to Maroon Bells, you can reserve the amphitheater just for yourselves so that you can have a beautiful place with the stunning mountains behind you. It’s one of the most scenic locations in all of Colorado, and one of the best places to elope in all of Colorado. But you don’t have to stop there. Aspen is home to stunning mountain ranges that can be explored all year round, including during the winter. Why not grab your skis or snowboard and get married on the slopes?

Check out this Ultimate Guide on A Maroon Bells Wedding / Elopement!

Why I Love Maroon Bells / Aspen

There is a reason this is the most photographed spot in all of Colorado – it’s just I.C.O.N.I.C. Aside from being gorgeous, the amphitheater is one of the best small wedding venues in all of Colorado. It has incredible views and is very easy to get to. This is the perfect location for someone who wants unending mountain views in a very accessible location.

Pro-Tip: The gate to Maroon Bells is closed for the winter, which means it’s mostly accessible via snowshoes and snowmobiles. So If you want an extra adventurous experience, consider a winter elopement here!

8. Telluride/Bridal Veil Falls

Telluride is legendary for so many reasons, and one of the best! It is absolutely stunning!! I’m talking soaring mountains, with blue skies, and perfect snow. Speaking of soaring, did you know you can take a helicopter ride to the mountaintops, far away from everyone else? Or snowmobile out into the iconic mountain range that’s featured on the Coors beer cans? When the summer comes by, you can go for some epic hikes that feature alpine lakes, wildflowers, waterfalls, and some of the best sweeping vistas in all of America!

Bridal Veil Falls is a majestic waterfall that’ll make your jaws drop. Can you imagine saying your vows with the sound of rushing water and the mist kissing your cheeks? It’s pure magic, my friends. The backdrop is straight out of a dream, with rugged cliffs and lush greenery all around. And let me tell you, the photos will be absolutely epic! Now, keep in mind that this spot is a little adventurous, so make sure you and your partner are up for a bit of a hike to reach the falls. But trust me, it’s totally worth it!

Check out my Ultimate Guide on your Telluride Elopement!

Why I Love Telluride

The first time you go to Telluride you are blown away by the sheer size of the mountains immediately towering over you on all sides. Next, you drive through the famous town and marvel at its cuteness. It’s quite possibly one of the most beautiful places in all of Colorado. So yea, I LOVE it.

Pro-tip: Mud season (think late fall and most of mid to late spring) shuts a lot of things down in the mountains. The trails are either covered in snow and ice, or mud. You can still elope there, but the prime time is winter, summer and early fall. In fact, summer and early fall are my favorite because of the phenomenal mountain ranges.

9. Crested Butte

Crested Butte is home to some of the country’s best wildflowers and mountain-bike trails. People come from all over the country to mountain-bike at Crested Butte. While mountain biking is best in the summer, the area is an adventure paradise all year round. With lots of gorgeous lakes, mountain ranges, trails, waterfalls and hikes – you just can’t go wrong. Crested butte is one of the best places to elope at in Colorado.

Check out this stunning elopement where a couple did a sunrise hike with epic mountain views, and then went mountain-biking with their dog for sunset.

Why I Love Crested Butte

By now you’ve heard me talk about mud season a bunch of times. Crested Butte is known for many things – wildflower capital of the world, world-class mountain biking – but it’s also a stellar mountain area with a shorter mud season. That’s right, you can elope in the mountains starting in May, whereas in a lot of places you can only get married in the mountains starting in July. So If you are looking for a spring elopement, this is one of the best places!

10. Steamboat

Steamboat has the best hot springs in all of Colorado. Nestled in the snow-covered mountains you’ll find yourself soaking in the hot water wondering how you got so lucky. When you are done soaking, you can enjoy the snow-capped mountains in the winter, or go for a hike in the warmer months. The options are just as endless in this paradise.

Why I Love Steamboat

Steamboat is a true Colorado town that’s not on the main path. You aren’t going to get a ton of tourists here, but you will get great views. Their hot springs are my favorite in all of Colorado. This is a super sweet small little spot that’s perfect for those who want a real Colorado experience without the crowds.

11. My Secret Stunning Locations

There are so many beautiful places to elope in Colorado. I’ve listed some of my favorite areas, but I also have some secret ones for you. Elopement locations others don’t know about because I’ve spent hours and hours searching for the perfect elopement spots in Colorado. If you want a Colorado photographer who knows all the best secret locations, reach out and let me know!

How To Elope In Colorado

Eloping in Colorado is super easy! The two most common ways to elope are 1. Legally 2. Commitment Ceremony.

Legally getting married in Colorado is very easy. You will want to contact a county clerk in Colorado to obtain a marriage license. You’ll need to sign and return it and then boom, ya married! One of the coolest things about Colorado is that you don’t need to legally have witnesses or an officiant for your wedding. That’s right, you can self-solemnize!

If you don’t want to legally get married, you can always have a commitment ceremony. 

Here are some guides on how to do all three:

1. How to Get Married in Colorado

2. Ultimate Guide to a Commitment Ceremony

3. Can You Marry Yourself? Self-solemnization Guide

When to Elope In Colorado

The seasons in Colorado are very distinct and will really have a big say in how you experience your elopement day. So let’s dive into the different seasons:

1. Summer Elopements

Summer is one of the most fun times for an elopement. It typically has the most comfortable weather in the mountains – warm during the day and cool at night. The Milky way is at it’s most glorious in the summer. The lake ice has melt and there’s no snow. You can expect afternoon showers and thunderstorms in the mountains, but otherwise you’re looking at one of the best times to elope.

2. Fall Elopements

Fall can be a magical time in Colorado. The trees start changing colors, especially the Aspens! You get waves and waves of golden leaves for as far as the eyes can see. The weather is a bit less warm during the day, and much cooler at night. The days start getting shorter. You can expect snow to start being a regular friend in the mountains starting in mid October. The later you go the more we get into mud season where the ground alternates between mud, snow, wet, dry, cold, making outdoor adventures a little bit more difficult to plan.

3. Winter Elopements

Winter elopements offer tons of fun activities and things to do! Don’t let the cold weather (and it can get very cold at high altitudes) deter you. This is prime time for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiles, warm cozy cabins, dogsledding and more! I also personally think the mountains are the most gorgeous during the winter. This is a great time to get married!

4. Spring Elopements

Spring elopements are a bit tricky in Colorado. The heaviest snow falls in February and March, with occasional big snowfalls in April. May and June tend to be mud season in much of the mountains. As the days get longer and warmer, the snow starts to melt, causing muddy trails. The trails fully melt out sometime in June (it’s impossible to know exactly when), with higher altitude trails melting out sometime in early July. There are still plenty of adventures to love and places to go! Spring is for the truly flexible who want magical experiences. 

Weekday VS Weekend

I always encourage my couples to choose an elopement day on a weekday. The trails have fewer people so you get more of an intimate experience. You can still do a weekend, just expect far more people to be present. Sometimes other vendors cost less for a weekday service as opposed to a weekend.

Sunrise or Sunset?

This is both a personal preference and logistical question. Some locations are better for one or the other based on their position within the mountains. Some locations work best for sunrise because they bask the mountains with sunrise, and vice versa. As for personal preference – some people are morning peeps, and love to wake up early and are down to adventure early to start their day. Other’s would prefer to coast easily into the day and have a romantic sunset. Sunrise’s tend to be more adventurous because ya gotta wake up super early and won’t see your location until the sun rises.

How Much Does It Cost To Elope in Colorado

Average Cost of A Traditional Wedding (150 guests)

Venue: $10,000
Lodging: $2,000
Catering: $11,250
Rehearsal Dinner: $2,000
Attire: $1,000
Photographer: $4,000
Decor: $2,000
Transportation: $1,000
Officiant: $400
DJ/Band: $2,000
Marriage License: 200
Hair and Makeup: $250
Florals: $1,000
Cake: $500
Event Planner: $1,500
Invitations: $500
Favors: $500

Total: $31,100

Typical Elopement

Lodging: $1,000
Catering: $500
Attire: $1,000
Photographer: $5,400
Decor: $500
Transportation: $1,000
Officiant: $400
Marriage License: $200
Permits: $200
Hair and Makeup: $250
Florals: $200
Cake: $250

Total: $10,900

Total Savings: $20,200

Meet the Best Colorado Elopement Photographer for You

Colorado Elopement Photographer stands next to a Jeep

Hi there! I’m Adam, and my favorite thing in the world is helping couples just like you plan their perfect Colorado elopement. Whatever your ideal day looks like, I’m here to help you make it happen.

If you’re ready to start planning or just have some questions to decide which elopement package is right for you, I’d love to hear from you.




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