Intimate, Retro, & Fun Garden of the Gods Intimate Wedding

LAST UPDATED August 31, 2022

Why Elope at Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is one of the most iconic locations in all of Colorado. It’s simple… stunning. Massive red rock formations shooting out from the ground towards the sky. It’s free for everyone, and has dramatic mountain backdrops. You can’t go wrong!

Your Garden of the Gods Wedding & Elopement Guide

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Talia and Lucas’s Story

Talia and Lucas have a great love for Colorado, and especially Garden of the Gods. So when our original location plans had to be switched due to construction, it was an easy decision to choose Garden of the Gods. But before we got to the festivities, they had a whole plan for all the fun they wanted to have.

The day began early at The Cliff House in Colorado Springs. A historic hotel filled with treasures from their past, with stunning architecture. Talia got ready with the help of their family, with extra help from their grandmother and mother, while Lucas got ready with his best friend. As the time went by and anticipation built, you could see the smiles growing bigger across their faces. We chose a little river near the hotel for the first look, and from the very first moment Lucas saw Talia he was frozen in time. Unable to take his eyes off of them and process the fact that he was finally, finally, getting married to the love of his life.

To celebrate their love, they knew they just had to hit up the local arcade in Colorado Springs. They went from game to game to pinball machine to skee ball, spending quarters and creating memories. They had a personal little thing of collecting rubber balls each time they play, so they made sure to get a few on their actual wedding day. It was a sight to behold, seeing a gorgeous wedding couple all fancy, throwing balls in skeeballs, and becoming true pinball wizards.

Talia and Lucas have a love for climbing, so after the arcade we hiked to a special location in Garden of the Gods and had a delicious lunch picnic. From there, we explored the red rocks. Talia kicked of their shoes and scampered around, taking all the sights in, with Lucas following after them. Once their climbing appetites had been satiated, they met their family and friends for their ceremony. 

Before they could begin there was a medical emergency in the family, requiring an ambulance. This really shook everyone up, especially the wedding couple. Wedding days often provide a glimpse into the lives of a couple, and how they react to different situations. Under such intense conditions, Talia and Lucas grew closer, and provided each other with tremendous love and support. With the power of their love (cheesy, but true!), they carried forth. Their best friend officiated, and the two were married amidst happy tears and laughs. If anything, the days events proved the incredible power of their love, and their stunning personalities.

Colorado Elopement Packages

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