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Elope in Italy: Ultimate Guide and Packages 2024

What do you want? An authentic elopement! Where do you want it? Italy! And now you want a comprehensive guide on eloping in Italy.

If you’ve got your heart set on an elopement in Italy but aren’t quite sure where to go from here, you’ve come to the right place. With so many Italy elopement packages available, and so many options for what to see and do, it’s no wonder that some couples might feel a little bit overwhelmed when planning to Elope in Italy. 

Fear not, Amores. This guide will help you figure out the next steps as you plan to elope in Italy and give you all the info you need to choose the perfect Italy elopement package and have the best experience ever. 

Meet Your Expert Italy Elopement Photographer

Hey I’m Adam!

Your expert Italian elopement photographer! 

You are probably here because you want an extraordinary, super fun, gorgeous wedding day that’s easy to plan and real low on stress in one. of the most gorgeous places on Earth!

Well, that’s my specialty :). So take a look at this guide and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

“Adam was absolutely phenomenal. A master of his craft. You will not get any better service than this man.” – Sam and Mike

Why Elope in Italy?

First up – an elopement is a wedding day that you get to craft exactly as you want.

It’s totally unique and customized to just you – with either no guests or just your closest family. and friends. So when you are thinking about creating this perfectly custom wedding day, of course, you’re gonna think about doing it in one of the greatest places possible.

Choosing to elope in Italy really needs no introduction as a perfect location. Whether you’re dreaming of an epic mountain hike in the Dolomites, a leisurely picnic in Tuscany, exploring ancient cities like Rome or Venice, or relaxing on the beach, you’ll find it here. Add in the incredible culture and delicious food, and it’s easy to see why Italy has a reputation as one of the most romantic places in the world. If you still need convincing, you can read more reasons to elope in Italy here

Where To Elope In Italy

Italy is one of the most gorgeous places to elope in the world. The country has everything – snowcapped mountains, stunning beaches, rolling hills, islands, and stunning cities. There’s a reason why Italy is oftentimes on everyone’s bucket list. Here’s a list of the top places to elope in Italy:

1. Lake Como
2. The Dolomites
3. Tuscany
4. Rome
5. Amalfi Coast
6. Puglia
7. Sicily
8. Sardinia

Check out this more in depth guide to Best Places to Elope In Italy.

How Much does it cost to elope in Italy

Oftentimes people hear destination wedding and they think oh gosh, that’s gonna cost a fortune. Well, I got news for you – choosing to elope in Italy can still be waaaay cheaper than a traditional wedding!

That’s right – you can actually save money while having one of the most epic / adventurous wedding days possible. Let’s compare the cost of both a traditional wedding an an Italy elopement.

Average Traditional Wedding Cost (150 guests):

Venue: $10,000
Lodging: $2,000
Catering: $11,250
Rehearsal Dinner: $2,000
Attire: $1,000
Photographer: $4,000
Decor: $2,000
Transportation: $1,000
Officiant: $400
DJ/Band: $2,000
Marriage License: 200
Hair and Makeup: $1,000
Florals: $1,000
Cake: $500
Event Planner: $1,500
Invitations: $500
Favors: $500

Total: $31,850

The Cost to elope in italy:

Flights: $2,500
Lodging: $2,000
Transportation: $1,000
Attire: $1,000
Photographer: $6,000
Permits: $200
Hair and Makeup: $350
Cake: $200
Florals: $200

Total: $13,450

Total Savings: $18,400

If you are looking for that magical elopement with 0 stress and beautiful pictures, Adam is the way to go! He made our special day the absolute best day i could’ve asked for. in our case a literally winter wonderland. i couldn’t thank him and his company enough. truly deserves more then 5 stars in my opinion.”  – Jacey & Cori

Activities and Timelines

One of my favorite things about elopements is that you can do whatever you want on your special day! You don’t need to conform to any expectations or traditions. It’s truly all about you – so dream big! 

Once you decide to elope in Italy, the next big decision you’ll want to make is your location. And in a place like Italy where the options are nearly endless, your perfect Italian elopement spot will largely be determined by the type of activities that you want to do.

If skiing or hiking snow capped mountains are your thing, you’ll want to look to Northern Italy. For stunning beaches and quaint seaside villages, the Amalfi Coast or the islands of Sicily and Sardinia are your jam. If lakes and luxury villas are more your speed, check out Lake Como. City lovers and history buffs will want to check out one or more of Italy’s iconic cities like Rome or Florence. 

If you can’t decide or want to know more about what’s possible, the right Italy elopement photographer can help! Many elopement photographers (ahem…like me ? ) offer planning services to help you narrow down your options, work through all the logistics, and help you make all the decisions that will make your day incredible. 

When planning a destination elopement, working with an experienced elopement photographer is even more important. I can help you navigate Italian wedding regulations so you can choose the type of Italy elopement that’s right for you. And from navigating local permit laws to knowing exactly when and where the light will be just right halfway around the world, you can let me handle the details for your day so you can keep your focus on your epic love. 

Elope in Italy Activities



Helicopter Flight

colorado elopement package featuring a couple getting married via helicopter in the winter

Get on the Water

Jeep Ride

Airplane Flight



Ski / Snowboard

Snow Shoe

Elope in ITaly example Timeline

Sunrise to Sunset Elopement (12 – 16 hours)

3:00 AM: Leave trailhead for 2 mile hike
5:00 AM: Arrive at ceremony site, get ready
6:00 AM: Blue Hour Photos
7:00 AM: Sunrise, Ceremony
8:30 AM: Breakfast
9:15 AM: Final Morning Portraits
10:00 AM: Hike back down
12 – 3 PM: Rest
3:00 PM: Meet at 2nd Location, 1 mile hike
4:00 PM: sunset portraits
6:00 PM: Blue Hour Photos, picnic
7:00 PM: Star Photos
8:00 PM: Hike Back
9:00 PM: FInish

Full Day Elopement (10 hours)

8:00 AM: Hair and make up, getting ready.
10:00 AM Leave trailhead for 1 mile hike to first location.
11:00 AM: Arrive at ceremony site, get ready
12:00 PM: Ceremony
12:30 PM: Portraits
1:30 PM: Picnic + Champagne
2:00 PM: Head back down trail
3:00 PM: Head to second location
3:30 PM: Portraits
4:30 PM: Sunset Photos
6:00 PM: Finish

Mini Elopement (6 hours)

12:00 PM: Get ready
2:00 PM: Leave trailhead for .5 mile hike
2:45 PM: Ceremony
3:15 PM: Couples Portraits + Explore
5:00 PM: Champagne and snacks
5:30 PM: Hike Back
6:00 PM: Arrive back at trailhead

When to Elope in italy

Italy’s country spans a vast amount of territory, from hot Mediterranean Sicily to snowcapped mountains in the Dolomites. When to elope depends entirely on what you want to do, how you want to feel, and how many other tourists you want to compete with!

Spring italy elopements

If you want to elope in Italy with warm, comfortable weather and fewer crowds, spring may be for you! Italy elopements in Spring feature warm increasingly comfortable temperatures especially n the Southern half of Italy, with cooler temperatures in the North. The mountains will still be covered in snow. This is a great time to enjoy Italy without a crush of tourists.

Summer italy elopements

If you want to elope in Italy and hike, swim, go out on boats, and live La Dolce Vita (the sweet life) summer is best for you! Summer Italy elopements are all about warm to hot weather, swimming, all types of hiking. Italians and Europeans in general tend to take August off, so you can expect a lot a lot of tourists. If you want to go swimming, this is the perfect time for it. The mountain trails start to be accessible in June.

Fall italy elopements

If you want the perfect combination of great weather, summer activities and fewer crowds, you should elope in Italy in the Fall. Fall is a wonderful time of year, where the weather starts to cool, and Italians and Europeans go back to work and school – meaning you have fewer crowds! Early fall still features warm enough waters and temps to swim, and trails are still accessible into October.

Winter elopements

If a snow-covered wedding day or cooler temperatures when things are cheaper speaks to you, you should probably elope in Italy in the Winter. Winter in Italy features a lot of snow and cold weather, though the lower half of the country is still relatively comfortable. The mountains are covered in snow, so this is ideal for an Italian snowboard / ski elopement. Crowds are far fewer with the exception of the holidays.

“BLOWN AWAY! Those are the words I feel best describe our wedding experience with Adam Amit. To say that Adam made the whole process a breeze would be an understatement!” – April & Devon

How to elope IN Italy

So you’ve weighed the options and you really want your Italy adventure to include your legal wedding ceremony. Here are the steps you need to follow if you are a US citizen that wants to elope in Italy. If you are eloping from another country, consult the Italian embassy in your home country for information and requirements. 

First of all, you’ll need to provide the following documentation:

  • Valid US passport (or military ID if on active duty in US armed forces) 
  • Original or certified copy of your birth certificate
  • Evidence of the termination of any previous marriage/s if applicable.(Examples: final divorce decree, annulment decree, death certificate of former spouse)

Civil or religious ceremonies require multiple steps. It is recommended that you contact an Italian Consulate office well in advance of your trip to fully understand what is required and ensure that you fully understand the requirements and timelines. Generally, you’ll need to do the following for a civil ceremony:

  • An affidavit, Nulla Osta or Dichiarazione Giurata sworn before a consular office of your home country, stating that there’s no legal impediment to your marriage in your home country
  • An Atto Notorio signed by two witnesses, attesting that there is no legal impediment to your marriage
  • A declaration of intent to marry that will go to the civil registrar

There is also a waiting period of up to 2 weeks from when you sign the affidavits to your wedding day. This waiting period can usually be waived for non-Italian citizens, but how much depends on the locality. Be sure to check with the consulate and local officials as far in advance as possible to make sure you’re prepared. 

Commitment Ceremonies in Italy

The easiest way to get married

When you choose to elope in Italy, you’ll have to decide how you want to legally get married. As you can see above, the requirements for a legal wedding in Italy can be a bit much for a lot of couples, which is why I recommend having a commitment ceremony, and then doing all the legal paperwork back home.

A commitment ceremony is a legit wedding ceremony that isn’t legally recognized. You can still do everything in a regular ceremony – exchange vows, rings, intentions – you just won’t sign legal paperwork that moment.

Saving the legal paperwork for back home makes the day easier and relaxed, and gives you the space to truly immerse yourself in the moment. I highly recommend considering a commitment ceremony.

Planning and Logistics Help

Especially for destination elopements, it’s important to choose a photographer who has experience with the type of elopement you want AND your elopement location. If you want an adventurous elopement, you’ll definitely want someone who has experience in a more unpredictable environment. 

Another part of planning your Italy elopement is deciding what type of elopement to have. There are multiple types of weddings in Italy, and many couples opt for a symbolic elopement, meaning that they file their official marriage license paperwork in their home country either before or after their Italy elopement. For more on how to elope in Italy, check out this guide.

Not to brag…but planning and logistics are kind of my jam. This comes from my experience with elopements all over the world, and also the time I take to get to know my Amores. All of my elopement packages include simple planning assistance and vendor help, unlimited consultations and questionnaires to make sure I fully understand you as a couple so I can help you have an experience that is uniquely crafted for you.

How Much Time Will You Need for Your Italy Elopement Package? 

One of the questions I hear most from couples is: How much time will I need? The answer is, it depends! Since no two elopements are exactly alike, the amount of time needed is highly variable. That said, here are some general guidelines of what to expect when you elope in Italy:

  1. Getting ready photos: 30 min – 3 hours. This is where you start to tell the full story of your incredible day.
  2. Hiking: Plan on 45-60 minutes per mile depending upon the difficulty and what you are doing when you elope in Italy. You’d rather plan for hiking to take longer than expected and have extra time, then under plan the time it takes and rush to do whatever you want to do. An experienced photographer will be able to give you more specific guidance as to how long a particular hike should take.
  3. Star photos: Want some truly epic photos? Wait until the sun goes down! You want to start these 30 minutes after sunset, or finish no later than 30 before sunrise. Star photos can take a long time, up to thirty minutes or an hour, because you need to stand very still, sometimes for 5 – 10 seconds at a time, for a single photo. 
  4. Ceremony: These are 10 – 20 minutes on average depending on vows, unity activities. If it’s a religious ceremony with a lot of scripture, you will likely need more time. 
  5. First Look: This can take 5 – 10 minutes. Add more time if it will take a while to get to your dream location.
  6. Post-Ceremony Photos: These can be anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours. They can involve activities such as picnics, songs, dance, or anything else that is meaningful to you as a couple. You won’t be posing for pictures the whole time as you’ll be enjoying your activity, but you’ll want those spontaneous moments captured! 
  7. Post Ceremony Party: Again, this will be different for each elopement. It could be anything from a 1 hour backyard get together with cake cutting, to a several hour party with dancing, toasts, meals, and shenanigans!
  8. Intimate session: This is a session where you and your partner are more intimate. This could be on a bed, shower, jacuzzi, in your underwear or even naked. It’s a chance for you two to really get close to each other, and let your emotions be vulnerable. I recommend at least an hour for these sessions.

I don’t charge any travel fees to get to and around Italy when you hire me when you elope in Italy! That means my hotels, cars, flights, buses, trains, lodging etc… are all covered in my prices when you elope in Italy!

You’ll be responsible for obtaining any permits or paying for any extra day of activities when you elope in Italy. For instance, if you wanted to reserve a certain location, or take a jeep ride, you’ll be responsible for those things. I’ll help direct you in all the right directions for who you need to apply with and what you need to do, so when you elope in Italy it’s a piece of delicious cake.

Civil ceremonies need to have an approved officiant when you elope in Italy. This is usually the mayor or other designated official from the area where your ceremony will take place.

A Roman Catholic priest must officiate a religious ceremony. 

You will need 2 witnesses present when you apply for your Atto Notorio before your civil or religious wedding. Two witnesses must also be present at a civil ceremony. 

Symbolic ceremonies, such as commitment ceremonies, do not require an officiant or witnesses. Commitment ceremonies are the easiest way to elope in Italy. You can then get official paperwork done back at home after you elope in Italy. 

Same sex civil unions became legal in Italy in 2016. This affords same sex and gender neutral couples the same legal protections as other married couples. However, in some localities the process and/or waiting period may be different than for religious or civil ceremonies. You’ll want to contact both your country’s embassy and the locality where you plan to have your ceremony well in advance of your trip to confirm the timeline and details. 

I firmly believe that love is love, and ALL couples deserve the right to express that love in whatever way they choose. While it is a step forward that Italy recognizes same sex unions, it’s disappointing that they stop short of fully recognizing those unions as marriages. 

As I’ve said above, unless it’s super important to you to have your “official” ceremony in Italy, I recommend symbolic ceremonies for all destination elopements. That way, you don’t have to worry about the timeline and can focus on spending your day exactly how you want it, and have a more relaxed experience making it official at home either before or after your trip. 

Yes. The US recognizes religious/civil marriages or same sex civil unions in all states in the US, when you legally elope in Italy.

“BLOWN AWAY! Those are the words I feel best describe our wedding experience with Adam Amit. To say that Adam made the whole process a breeze would be an understatement!” – April & Devon

My Italy Elopement Packages

Payment Plans

Let’s not stress about this, we’ll create a payment plan that works for you! We can separate payments across multiple months.

The Best Possible Locations For You

This day is all about what you two want, in the most meaningful way possible. That’s why we’re going to pick an extraordinary spot for you two to elope. I’ve spent a lot a lot of time in Italy, and between my personal knowledge and the tremendous research I’ll do for you, we’re going to find the perfect location.

Unlimited free consultations

I can’t emphasize this enough – I want to reduce your stress! Wooooossssaaaaa. So I’m always available to chat and help you plan your day. For real, you can text, email, DM, or carrier pigeon me whenever you want as much as you want.

90 page exclusive elopement guide

I created a thorough elopement guide, just for you. Planning a wedding shouldn’t be stressful and you shouldn’t be wondering, what’s next? What do I do? What’s this mean? So I’ve created this helpful guide that you can refer to whenever you want to making it easier to elope in Italy.

Timeline Construction

What the heck do you do on your day? Don’t worry! I’m going to help you pick your favorite activities and put together the perfect timeline so when you elope in Italy, it’ll be one of the greatest experiences in your life!

Expert Vendor Recommendations

Your day involves a lot of pieces, and I’m going to recommend expert vendors who can turn your vision into a reality.

All Travel included, no extra fees + Weather insurance

Wherever you get married in Italy is where I’ll be. I don’t charge ya for miles, my hotels, flights, car rentals etc… That’s right, the price you see is the price you pay for me.

Sneak peaks within 7 days

Holy camolies that’s fast! Of course it is, I want you to relive the day immediately!!

Fully edited hi-res photos to Download for Free

These photos are yours and you are meant to enjoy them forever and ever and make sure that all your family and friends do to. I highly encourage you throwing these photos up in your best friend’s bathroom because they deserve to see you so happy.

A SUPER FUN Italy elopement experience!

That’s what this whole dang thing is all about!! Seriously, take a load off your shoulders. I’m here to help you have fun. I’m here to make sure your day is exactly what you want. You deserve a meaningful fun day and we’re going to make it happen!

Who this package is for:

My Italy Elopement Packages are for the truly adventurous, passionate, and fun at heart who love Italy and all it has to offer.

For couples who want to create an authentic and extraordinary experience, that is fully centered on them and what fills them with joy. I spend hours and hours and hours finding the perfect locations to recommend to you, and making sure that you have a custom timeline that fits your activities. Let’s not downplay the activities – this package is for people who want to EXPERIENCE something EXTRAORDINARY on their day. To experience their day in one of the most gorgeous countries in the world. Whether it’s hiking, skiing, a helicopter ride, star-gazing, picnic, jeep ride and so so much more – this is the package for you.

PRICES Starting at 6100

What’s Next?

Now that you know how to go about planning to elope in Italy, it’s time to reach out and pick the perfect Italy Elopement Package for you (hint hint, I may know a dude)! As a starting point, I recommend starting with some lists:

  1. List all of the vendors and photographers you’re considering. Create a running spreadsheet to keep track of which photographers you like and why.
  2. Go ahead and schedule that first call!
  3. Write down all of the activities and locations you are interested in, and ask about them on your call. Ask if they are familiar shooting in the style you have chosen. And of course, doing a search on their site of previous elopements will give you a good taste of that photographer’s style. As well as if they have any experience when it comes to photographing a couple that chooses to elope in Italy.
  4.  Ask a lot of questions and write down their answers. Make sure their values align with yours and if they can truly provide the experience you want.

My Italy Elopement Packages start at 5900 for 6 hours and includes all the above and more! For more specific information on pricing reach out!

First off, let me start by saying this: for those who are looking for a photographer who will bring literal magic to your special day, stop scrolling, and book him NOW. Adam is your guy. This man has so much passion for what he does – from capturing your day exactly how you want it, to making you comfortable in front of the camera, to making sure everything is perfect for YOU, to simply being the kindest, bestest, awesomest addition to your wedding” — Julie & Tassia

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