Best Places to Elope in Italy

LAST UPDATED February 14, 2023

Couple dances at their Lake Como Italy Elopement

There are few places in the world more synonymous with romance than Italy. The beautiful ancient cities, sweeping countryside, coastline, and rich culture all make Italy a dream location for travelers from around the world seeking to experience some of that famous Amore. Of course, this also makes Italy the perfect place for couples looking to elope or get married! So you are probably wondering where to get married in Italy? 

And while it’s clear why Italy is a dream elopement destination, the fact that there are so many incredible places to explore can make it hard to narrow down the right place for your elopement. That’s why I put together this guide to share my favorite places to elope in Italy. From mountains and lakes to the North to the incredible coastline of the South and everything in between, I’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to find the perfect Italy elopement spot for you.  Let’s jump right in! 

Lake Como

If you’re looking to mix a little bit of luxury with your outdoor adventures when figuring out where to get married in Italy, Lake Como should be high on your elopement list. Located at the foot of the Alps just north of Milan, this picture-perfect lake has approximately 100 miles of seriously gorgeous shoreline to explore. A paradise for summer vacationers from Italy and around the world, you’ll find many options for your lodging and elopement sites, including lakeside villas, mansions, and resorts.

Picturesque towns are spread out all around the lake with the city of Como at the southwestern end being the largest. For those looking for a more adventurous experience, hiking trails abound in the area, many providing a panoramic view of the lake and surrounding mountains. Other activities include swimming at one of the many beaches, boating and other water sports, riding the funicular railway in Como, and even taking a seaplane ride to admire the views from above.

Bonus: The Swiss Alps

If you’re eloping in the north of Italy, you can easily add in a trip to the Swiss Alps. In just a few hour drive or train ride, you can experience a completely different culture, legendary skiing, and incredible mountain views along the Switzerland/Italy border.

The Dolomites

The Dolomite mountains are an ideal elopement spot for couples who crave adventure and want some incredibly epic photos. Located in northwestern Italy, this section of the Alps has everything from mountain villages to serene alpine lakes all surrounded by towering peaks. 

It’s no surprise that hiking and climbing are popular activities here, and although there are certainly some big hikes here, you don’t have to scale a giant peak to get in on those amazing views. There are numerous shorter and easier hikes along the base of the mountains that all serve as gorgeous elopement locations.

In the winter, this is a well-known ski resort area as well, so it’s truly a year-round destination and where to get married in Italy!

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Tuscany is a top choice for many eloping couples, and for good reason. Best known for its vineyards and idyllic countryside, the romantic scenery here lives up to the hype. If you’re a couple who dreams of a gorgeous, laid back ceremony surrounded by rolling hills and cypress trees, this is the place for you! 

There’s so much to explore in this region. Tuscany is home to some of the most visited cities in Italy, including Florence, Pisa, and Siena. There is also more than 140 miles of coastline in Tuscany, and although this shore is not as famous as southern Italy, there are some gorgeous beaches off the beaten path. In this region of Italy, you really can do it all. 


If you want a romantic city elopement, there’s no better place than Rome. The history and urban beauty of Rome is nothing short of legendary. From ancient architecture to artistic masterpieces, the city is full of treasures to explore. You can spend days just walking around the city and always find something new to discover. And with so much unique and stunning architecture, your elopement photos are guaranteed to be incredible! 

Add in a mild winter climate and some ridiculously delizioso food, and it’s easy to see why Rome is a dream spot for where to get married in Italy. 

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Amalfi Coast

If perfect white sand beaches and colorful seaside villages are more your vibe, you’ll want to check out the Amalfi Coast. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique culture and scenery, there is really no place like it. All along the coastline, you’ll find dramatic cliffs and small beaches all surrounded by stunning turquoise water. 

It’s hard to compete with the gorgeous beaches. But, the villages here stand out in their own right as a main attraction. The most iconic is Positano, with its pastel buildings built right into the cliffside and dizzying streets leading right down to the ocean. 

In addition to spending your days exploring the villages and beaches, there is also some fantastic hiking in the area. The ancient footpaths along the coast provide some spectacular photo and ceremony options for couples who are up for a little adventure when considering where to get married in Italy! 


The Puglia region (also known as “Apulia”) is fast rising in popularity among travelers looking to explore Italy outside of the usual spots. This area makes up the “boot” at the southern tip of Italy and boasts the longest coastline in the country. Along with this Adriatic coastline comes incredible beaches and seaside landscapes. Known for its whitewashed villages and miles of farmland, this is the perfect spot for a more laid-back coastal experience. 

Puglia has also emerged as a culinary mecca, with its simple farm (and sea) to table cuisine taking center stage. Whether you visit one of the region’s 10 Michelin starred restaurants, or prefer a meal in one of the numerous small bistros, the local flavors are not to be missed.


The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily has a distinct landscape and culture all its own. With 3 active volcanos including the massive Mt. Etna, which covers over 400 square miles. There are multiple ways to explore this area, with hikes of all levels of difficulty, 4×4 excursions, or a cable car that will take you part of the way up the mountain.

Palermo is the cultural and architectural center of Sicily, and definitely worth a visit for it’s incredible history, colorful markets, and Mediterranean charm. Of course this seaside area has some amazing beaches, including the stunning nearby Mondello beach. When looking into where to get married in Italy, Sicily always comes up at the top.

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Another island off the coast of Italy, Sardinia is ideal for couples who really want to explore off the beaten path. While you can take a ferry there from the mainland, the journey can take anywhere from 5-15 hours. It’s much faster and usually cheaper to arrive by plane, with flights available from most major Italian airports.

Your journey will be rewarded with Sardinia’s famous beaches. Known for crystal clear water, there are plenty of small coves, stone arches, and caves to explore. The highest sand dunes in Europe are also here (although it is strictly prohibited to climb or otherwise disturb them). Sailing is also a popular activity, with the near constant winds providing ideal conditions.

You’ll also want to explore the charming villages and towns all around the island, along with the archeological sites of the Nuraghe, large stone structures dating back thousands of years that can be found in many locations throughout the island. There are few places better than Sardinia for where to get married in Italy.

Map of Italy Elopement Locations

Do you want to see a map version of where to get married in Italy? To get an idea of where all these amazing locations are located, check out the map below. Each of the locations noted in this guide are pinned to help you plan your trip!

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