Hey I’m Adam!

And this is my story

But first—there are a couple of things you should know

My “Why”

Love fills me with more hope, joy, and optimism than anything else. And I want to create experiences for couples full of those same components—captured with photos that transport you back to those feelings (and that experience) for the rest of your life.

My Core Values

It’s About You

This is your day, and my focus will always be on creating a safe and exciting space for you to be as intimate and adventurous as you crave.


The point is to be madly in love and totally present, not stressed out or overwhelmed. I’ll do everything I can from start to finish to help you craft your perfect day without losing your sanity in the process.


Your elopement should reflect your relationship and everything that makes it unique and incredible. I’m committed to creating an experience (and taking photos) that highlights all that and makes you feel completely seen and loved.


Love is love, and I’ll choose to celebrate it every damn time. Point blank. Period.

Pssst, I’m a cheeseball

And love notes like this will never get old

BLOWN AWAY! The day of the wedding was SO MUCH FUN! And our pictures were PERFECT!!! Adam captured the day exactly how we want to remember it. HIGHLY recommend!

– April and Devon

Now Let’s Talk About How I Got Here 

A Custom Wedding Day Designed to Fill You With Immense JOY

With a camera in my hands and Chacos on my feet

Unlike many photographers, I wasn’t born with the dream of taking photos. Actually, I wanted to be an actor. And if that dream had played out, you can bet I’d be starring in the sappiest, cheesiest rom-coms there ever were. But it didn’t—and I ended up working in government policy and politics. A lot more realistic, but a lot less romantic.

After a few years, I realized I needed a hobby—something to let my creative side out. So I bought a camera and started making YouTube videos that you can still find today, but I suggest you don’t (for your own sake). Then one day my dad asked me to take a photo of him, and it all clicked.

The second my pointer finger connected with that shutter button, it was like a lightning bolt struck, and everything changed. I vividly remember looking at that photo and feeling like I’d genuinely captured who he was. I was telling the story of his soul. Right then, I decided I’d be a fool not to chase that feeling and keep capturing stories worth telling. 

And that’s what I’m doing today with couples worldwide. I might have a newer camera and much better skills, but I’m driven by the same desire to ensure the moments that take our breath away are solidified in time—turned into tangible memories we can literally hold onto forever.

Why Adventure Elopements?

Because when I’m not working, I’m exploring. Whether I’m backpacking across the world or riding motorcycles through the mountains of Vietnam, I’m always seeking my next adventure. The outdoors astound me, and I love nothing more than sharing that fascination and sense of wonder with couples craving the same thing.

Ready To Bring Your Wildest Elopement Dreams To Life?

I’m all-in if you are 

The photos we received as a preview are MIND BLOWING. Our elopement was the most magical experience, and Adam was such a huge part of it. I couldn’t be more grateful that we have these amazing photos to remember our special day. And not just amazing, they are stunning, fantastic, I can’t even believe it! Thank you, Adam, for your excitement, knowledge and passion to help make our wedding so spectacular!” – Markie and Dan

Wanna Make Sure We’d Vibe And Be A Great Fit? 

It’s an immediate yes from me if … 

  • We share these values: kindness, inclusivity, empathy, and growth
  • You want to have an experience—one that leaves you different than when you arrived
  • You crave adventure—seeing and experiencing new parts of the world, whether it’s a new state or simply a trail you’ve never tackled before
  • You aren’t afraid to get a little dirty or dusty (might I suggest rolling down a grassy hill while attempting to hold hands and not pee yourselves from laughing so hard?)
  • You know you’ll have a great time regardless of what happens—rain or shine, your love wins, and we’re making the most of it

Sound like you two? Fuck yeah.

Care For A Little Character Development?

A peek at who I am outside of work

  • Best movie genre—Romcoms, 100%. Undisputed. I’ll die on this hill.
  • My top 3 travel suggestions: Northern Vietnam if you want adventure, Bali if you want to relax, and Italy if you’re craving culture
  • Biggest regret: I was cast to be an extra villain in the Dark Knight Rises, and I turned it down to work a shift (this will haunt me forever)
  • Worst trait: I’m a true bagel and pizza snob (NYC kid)
  • Best adventure: I backpacked around the world for more than a year (too much to share, but please ask—I love telling stories)
  • I’m currently looking forward to—Capturing your elopement and having the time of our lives

I promised To Be More than

just a photographer

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