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If being a little cheesy is kinda your thing..…


...then I’m probably your thing too.

Every star in every great romantic comedy could be called self-indulgent, stubborn, and cheesy. 

When we watch epic love stories, we want the characters to prioritize their feelings. We want them to be steadfast in the pursuit of their love. And we want them to be sappy as hell about it because that cinematic last-scene-of-the-whole-movie needs the perfect, quotable moment at the end.

But that’s exactly what makes them so damn lovable.

If that’s the kind of day you want, and the kind of energy you want cheering you on, then I know I’m the guy for you.

let's find out.

Your day should feel like your own epic movie.

When you choose to elope, you’re making a decision for yourselves—one you deserve!

You’re determined to get married your way. And if you invite me, it means you want to celebrate with an over-the-(mountain)top, gushy dude who will be as excited about your day as you are.

There was a long season of my life that was dedicated to the public good. To the whole of people. Lieutenant Amit, reporting for duty.

I spent many years working in government policy and many years as a soldier. I loved feeling like I was making a difference, but it was missing something huge for me: connection to the individual.

But now, I get to serve people like you.

I get to look you in the eye and cheer you on.

I get to capture you in a way you’ve never seen yourself.

I get to make a tangible difference in the way you feel.

I get to show you how much the love you created matters.

From Public Servant to Individual Champion

I’m the kind of guy who watches romantic comedies and FaceTimes his grandma every day.

Being an elopement photographer allows me to witness my own personal rom com, every weekend. Lemme tell ya—it’s my dream come true.

I’m a sucker for a love story and I think watching these films keeps my eye trained to tell them in real life with my own camera. It’s all in the name of research. Just so you can benefit from my obsession too:

I’m sappy and I know it.

5. The Princess Bride
“As You Wish” … This movie actually has it all: romance, action, jokes, adventure, horror, philosophy, sword-fighting.

4. Beginners
This movie will alllllways stick with me. Love is eternal, ageless, and for everyone. They finally made an inclusive rom com and I just want more of them.

3. 10 Things I Hate About You
Name another rom com that expertly intertwines Shakespearean dialogue in a way that feels modern. Everyone falls in and out of love in their teenage years and it's THE MOST FEELINGS.

2. Charade
The wittiest dialogue between two potential lovers on a whodunnit adventure. It captures the power of the surprise and delight we find in our own relationships. And AUDREY FRIGGING HEPBURN.

1. Notting Hill
My all-time favorite. I could talk for years about why this movie is perfect. The ending is the best of all time. Because Hugh Grant only gets to the love of his life with heroic help from every one of his friends.

What’s your fav rom com?

My current favorite romantic comedies:

As you can see, I’ve studied the greats. I feel like your story is just as powerful and I would love to help tell it!

amore notes

- Amy and Chris

"I cannot express how enjoyable and easy it was to work with Adam! My husband and I planned our Colorado wedding in less than a month- from the first phone call to wandering down the road and through the snow, and planning the right time to be sure we had the best light, Adam took care of that part of the wedding day and we could relax. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thanks for capturing our Wedding Day!"