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Adventure is meant to be shared


You and your boo said YES to the opportunity for love, then YES to each other. And now I’m asking you to say a HELL YES to an adventure with me. 

amore notes

-kassie and tyler

"I want to start off by saying that I am not a photogenic person at all, and was very nervous about wedding pictures. A few months before the wedding fate paired us with Adam. We exchanged emails, and phone calls, but the best part was how comfortable he made us over emails and phone calls. He went over the ins and outs of everything that would be going down so we knew exactly what to expect. He actually cared about us and our love story. He told us about his love for LOVE, and capturing it through a lens. We were pumped to see what was in store for us. On the wedding day, he was on time and just as sweet and friendly. It was like we had known him forever. He would give us ideas on things to do, and he would also just let us do our own thing. It never felt forced or uncomfortable. I never once thought about how I looked because of the fun I was having. He is truly amazing. When we got to see the final product, we were blown away. He absolutely captured our love and we now have something to look at 50 years from now that will remind us of that special day. We are so grateful for him."