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Your greatest adventure ever starts now

What if your wedding could be more than the day you say “I do”? What if it could be the day you embark on an incredible, life-changing adventure together? An experience that binds you in ways words could never describe and leaves you different than when you arrived—more in love and with an extra ring on your finger.

Now THAT’S a story worth telling. And I’ll be there to do just that—capture your day as it unfolds, all of the wild and unexpected moments, the tears of joy, the deep belly laughs, and everything in between. 

So that one look at a photo will transport you back to those incredible moments, and it’ll feel like falling in love all over again.

Is This What You’re Looking For?

Because if so, tie me down

You’ve chosen to flip the bird to societal norms and pave your own path by heading off into the outdoors to say “I do” without the usual pressures and expectations. That tells me you two know who you are and what you want. So let me guess, you also want a space where you can be 100% yourself with the human you love more than anything. An opportunity to try something new and discover somewhere together.

More intimacy and less performance. More laughter, joy, and presence. 

And on top of that, you want a photographer who fits your dynamic and makes you feel completely comfortable to be exactly as you are while capturing it all with an expert eye and a few dad jokes in his pocket. Sound like what you need?  

It’s more than photos

I’ll handle all this too:

Find epic locations

Introduce you to awesome vendors

Entertain your guests if you have them

Keep us on track, so nothing is missed

Bring out your best sides—then capture them in a flash

Make you laugh (and cry) harder than you have in years

PS: When I Say Adventure

I Mean It

Regardless of what adventure means to you—a 2-mile hike to a beautiful waterfall, a helicopter ride to an insane peak, an intimate moment atop mountain cliffs, or something in between—I’ve pretty much done it all, and am ready to help you two do the same. So dream big! Because *almost* nothing is off-limits.

PS: When I Say Adventure

I mean it

Regardless of what adventure means to you—a 2-mile hike to a beautiful waterfall, a helicopter ride to an insane peak, an intimate moment atop mountain cliffs, or something in between—I’ve pretty much done it all, and am ready to help you two do the same. So dream big! Because *almost* nothing is off-limits.

Meet Your Favorite Colorado Elopement Photographer 

Get to know the guy behind the camera

My name’s Adam, but you already know that. What you probably didn’t know is that my love for exploring the outdoors runs deep, almost as deep as my love for love and romance. I wasn’t always an adventure elopement photographer, but I’ve always been a storyteller who sees the magic in everyday moments and slows down long enough to savor them. And that’s what I’m bringing to your elopement day. A sense of adventure, a deep understanding of the outdoors, an obsession with love, and the keen ability to capture your story as it unfolds and hand it back to you with photos that make you feel something.

Here’s How It Will All Go Down

Step 1: Meet and Greet

After you submit an inquiry form, we’ll have a quick call to get to know each other and share a few laughs. If we’re a good fit (we will be), it’s on to step two.

Step 2: Assemble Your Adventure

Once you’ve booked me (heck yes), you’ll get an exclusive elopement guide to help answer those burning questions, and I’ll send ya a questionnaire so I can start fully understanding your vision (and begin putting the pieces into play).

Step 3: Experience Your Dream Wedding

Fuck yea! You married your favorite person and had the best time doing it! Now you sit back, soak up that newlywed bliss, and I’ll get your photos to you ASAP.


First I will say to stop looking around for the perfect photographer! Adam is the one!

Adam gave his all to find out who we are, our likes and dislikes, what we pictured on our day and how WE wanted it to be. With all honesty he made our day amazing. We were so comfortable around him and it was like we been knowing him for years. The day was so fun and exciting and also emotional. It was unbelievable and the greatest day of our life. He truly cares about nothing more than making his couples happy. He has true passion in what he does. He is only happy if you are happy. What you want on your day is his top priority. When we saw the pictures it was tears tears tears! I still can’t believe how great and amazing they came out. Lucky to have Adam be a part of our day! Thank you, Adam!”

– Eugene and Angela

BLOWN AWAY! Those are the words I feel best describe our wedding experience with Adam Amit…

To say that Adam made the whole process a breeze would be an understatement! He helped us narrow down the perfect location – that best suited our wants – and didn’t even complain after I turned down a dozen different trails LOL. He always made us feel great about the parts of the elopement we couldn’t 100% plan. (I mean, we’re talking mother nature here – she doesn’t always work with you!)

The day of the wedding was SO MUCH FUN! And our pictures were PERFECT!!! Adam captured the day exactly how we want to remember it. HIGHLY recommend!”

– April and Devin

For those who are looking for a photographer who will bring literal magic to your special day, stop scrolling, and book him NOW. Adam is your guy.

This man has so much passion for what he does – from capturing your day exactly how you want it, to making you comfortable in front of the camera, to making sure everything is perfect for YOU, to simply being the kindest, bestest, awesomest addition to your wedding…. My wife and I were so BEYOND lucky to have found him. We have received our photos and keep marveling over them and how amazingly beautiful they are. We can FEEL our day and our love every time we go back and look at our photos.

I am telling you, if you want someone who will truly capture the aura of your relationship, this guy is it.”

– Julie and Tassia

Want to See some rad elopements in action?

I thought you’d never ask

There’s A Lot More To Say 

If you take nothing else, let it be this —

We’re going to have a really, really great time together. You’ll walk away one spouse richer and with memories of a lifetime. You’ll have experienced something new and exciting by each other’s side and have the photos to relive it for the rest of your lives. This is more than your wedding. This is the chapter of your story where things get really freaking great, and I can’t wait to be there documenting it as it all goes down. 

(Pro tip: Pack the Kleenex—you’ll be laughing so hard you’ll need them for when the happy tears start to fall)