Family Hiking Elopement

LAST UPDATED December 2, 2022

Gorgeous Family Hiking Elopement in Colorado

Lauren and Chris knew exactly what they wanted. They knew exactly what town they wanted it in, who would be there, and what they would do. We just had to make the pieces work. And boy oh boy did we!

We spent months putting this together. We hoped there would be some cloud cover, since we were hiking in the middle of the day, but we weren’t expecting (though we were prepared!) for the fog we’d get the day of! When we arrived early in the morning at the trailhead, the world around us was covered in a dense fog and a light rain fell on top of us. It was cold, and a bit windy, but Lauren and Chris had the best of spirits. WIth massive smiles on their face, they led their incredible families up the trails.

As we climbed the views became even more spectacular. We finally reached our ceremony spot, and lauren and Chris separated to get ready. They changed into their incredible attire, and we got the party started.

Just as their ceremony was starting, the clouds parted right above them and the sun shone down on them – it was meant to be. Their ceremony was gorgeous, and afterwards they cracked some beers and drank with an epic backdrop. After family photos, and portraits, we made the climb down, and it was as gorgeous as you could imagine.

This was a perfect day. I am so so grateful for these two, their stunning spirits, and fantastic families.

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