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How to Elope


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The most important day of your life deserves to be relived over and over again, inspiring you for the rest of your life. So make sure to print out your photos and hang them up. Get a photo album and make it a yearly tradition to look through and feel the passion on your wedding day. You won't regret it!

 Step 7. Relive the Day

The day you've been waiting for! This is the day you elope!

 Step 6. Elope!

Step 5 is final details within the days leading up to your elopement. Making sure your attire is ready, you know how long it will take to get from point A to point B, etc...

 Step 5. Last Touches

Step 4 is where you'll fill in all the little details and hire remaining vendors. From individual activities, ceremony ideas, invitations, florals, attire etc... This is where you will also secure your logistics from lodging to travel.

Step 4. Fill In the details

Step 3 is where you create a plan for the day. You'll figure out exactly where you want to get married, who is invited, and the.  timeline.

Step 3. Create a Plan

Step 2 is when you make the big decisions - what type of wedding you want, where you want to get married, and when you want to get married. You'll also hire your first vendor, most likely your photographer, who can help you accomplish the other steps.

Step 2. High priority Decisions

Step 1 is coming up with ideas and inspiration for your wedding day. This is where you start to research eloping, micro weddings, traditional weddings, or intimate weddings. As well as where and when you want to get married.

Step 1. Ideas & Inspiration

These are the steps in Your Elopement Journey:

Common Elopement FAQs

What is an elopement

What is an elopement

What is an elopement

An elopement is an intimate wedding ceremony that's entirely focused on you as a couple. Rather than following the expectations of family, friends, or society, an elopement allows you to craft a celebration that feels authentic to you. 

Elopements can take many different forms. One couple may dream of hiking all day in the Colorado Rockies, while another may want a small backyard ceremony with just their closest family and friends. The beauty of an elopement is that there are no rules - your day can be exactly what you want it to be. 

Should You Elope?

Should I elope?

Should You Elope?

Should You Elope?

If a big, traditional wedding doesn't feel like a good fit and you want a day focused just on you and your boo, then you definitely should consider eloping. This is one of the most special moments of your lives together - you absolutely deserve to celebrate it in the way that feels most authentic to you. 

Need more info to help you decide if eloping is right for you? Check out these Top Ten Reasons to Elope

How Much Does it cost to elope

How Much Does it Cost To elope?

How Much Does it Cost To Elope?

How Much Does it Cost To elope?

The short answer is that the average elopement costs around $10,000, while the average traditional wedding in the US costs over $30,000! 

While elopements come in all shapes and sizes, you will likely see massive savings while still crafting your dream elopement experience. 

For a more detailed breakdown of elopement costs vs. a traditional wedding, see How Much Does it Cost to Elope?

Where Should YOu Elope?

Where Should You Elope?

Where Should You Elope?

Where Should You Elope?

Where you elope is very unique to what makes you and your partner happy. The best place to start is to think of places that have special meaning to you as a couple. Maybe it’s where you met, or someplace you love to visit together. Or somewhere you’ve never been but have always dreamed of exploring. 

If you love mountains, you’ll find amazing options in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, or California. If you love lush jungles or rainforests, try Hawaii or Washington's Olympic National Park. 

What's an Elopement Timeline?

What's an Elopement Timeline?

What's An Elopement Timeline?

What's an Elopement Timeline?

Every elopement is a unique experience, and therefore requires its own unique timeline. Different activities require different time commitments. 

To give you an idea of what you might expect, here’s an example of a full-day elopement timeline: 

6:00 AM: Sunrise hike 
8:00 AM - Ceremony
10:00 AM: Breakfast
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM: Rest
2:00 PM: Head to your next activity.
3:00 PM: Short hike to overlook at a (beach, mountaintop, jungle, etc...)
5:00 PM: Picnic Dinner
6:00 PM: Sunset
8:00 PM: Star photos 

Why is an Elopement Important?

Why is this important?

Why is an Elopement Important?

Why is this important?

There used to be a time when everyone thought that you HAD to get married in the same. exact. way. as. everyone. else.

Luckily, these ain't those times. Every couple is unique, and not every couple wants to celebrate their love in the same exact way. Elopements allow you to craft one of the most important days of your life exactly as you desire. It removes the excess and focuses on what's most important. So if this rings true to you, then you should think about eloping.

What's Leave No Trace?

What is Leave no Trace?

What's Leave no Trace?

What is Leave no Trace?

For more information on Leave No Trace, visit www.
© 1999 by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

Research your location beforehand so you know how best to prepare!  

Stay on trails where possible. If going off-trail, stick to durable surfaces like rock, sand and gravel and avoid walking on vegetation. 

Avoid camping close to water and trails, and select a site which is not easily visible to others.

"Pack it in, Pack it out.” Anything you bring to a location needs to be packed out with you. 

Leave plants, animals, rocks and other objects exactly as you find them.

Keep your campfire small, use an existing campfire ring wherever available, and burn only dead or downed wood. 

Observe wildlife from afar and avoid disturbing them with loud noises or quick movements. 
Do not feed wildlife and be sure to store any food securely. 

Help everyone enjoy their experience by keeping noise to a minimum and respecting others’ privacy. 

7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors

6. Respect Wildlife

5. Minimize Campfire Impacts

4. Leave What You Find

3. Dispose of Waste Properly

2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

1. Plan ahead and prepare

One of the most amazing things about my job is that I get to work in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. With this incredible privilege comes a responsibility to care for our environment, and that’s why it's important to me to follow Leave No Trace principles. By following these practices, we'll do our part to ensure that your perfect elopement spot will remain pristine for you to visit for years to come. 

Leave No Trace is made up of 7 principles that help us to have the least amount
of impact possible on outside spaces:


Can Elopements Be Inclusive?

Are Elopements INclusive?

Can Elopements Be INclusive

Are Elopements INclusive?

The one thing that all elopements have in common is that they are solely focused on a couple's love. That means ALL kinds of love. I believe that everyone deserves to have their unique relationship celebrated, no matter what form it takes. Your love is beautiful, and I’m here to help you share that beauty with the world.

Whatever your size, shape, religion, color, gender identity/expression or sexual orientation, I'm here to support you and your love every step of the way.

Can my Elopements Include Family and Friends?

Can Family and Friends Join?

Can my Elopements Include Family and Friends?

Can Family and Friends Join?

Absolutely! Gone are the days when the only way to elope was to run off together and not tell anyone (although if that’s your dream, I’m here for that too!). If you can’t imagine your day without your mom, your best friends from college, or your furbabies, you should definitely include them. 

There are so many ways to include family and friends, whether during your activities or virtually. You can bring them along in your jeep or hike. Or join you for a small ceremony before or party afterward. Or you can have them send you videos, letters, and messages to read and watch on your big day. 

For more on how to include those closest to you in your day, check out How to Have a Friends and Family Elopement.

amore notes

- Dustin and Emily

"Where do I start. For all those that want a simple review, Adam is a highly skilled photographer at a reasonable price, but really he is so much more than that. We are a very indecisive couple and were extremely difficult to work with. We probably changed location/time schedule 20 times from the time we decided to get married up until about a week before the big day and Adam didn’t miss a single beat. He would work and send us a whole layout of the day and then we would make him do it all over again the next day when we changed something. When that day finally arrived, he totally removed all the stress and anxiety we had and got us to relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. To put it simply, Adam made the most important day in both of our lives fun and stress-free where we could both just focus on each other. The stunning photos he took of our day will forever remind us of how happy that day was. Adam, seriously…Thank you. You are a class act, sir.