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Utah Elopement Packages and Guide 2023

LAST UPDATED August 15, 2023

Once you’ve decided to take the leap and elope, one of the first questions you’ll have is how to find the right Utah elopement packages. And if you’re thinking of eloping in a popular spot like Utah, you’ll see that there are a TON of options out there. So how do you find the one that’s right for you? 

That’s why I put together this guide, my Amores. Your elopement day should be one of the best days of your lives, and choosing the right Utah elopement package is the first step toward making sure that your day lives up to your dreams. This guide takes you step by step through a series of questions designed to help you narrow down what’s most important to you and what to look for to help you make the right choice. 

Couple walks together at their Arches National Park engagement

Top 5 Tips and Info for Utah Elopements: 

1. Choose the perfect season for your Utah elopement. Whether it’s spring for blooming wildflowers or fall for vibrant foliage, the season will enhance your surroundings.

2. Research and secure permits for your desired elopement location, such as National Parks or protected areas, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience on your special day. (Hint: I can help with this.) 

3. Embrace Utah’s diverse landscapes by exploring unique locations like Delicate Arch in Arches National Park or the mystical hoodoos of Bryce Canyon for an unforgettable elopement backdrop.

4. Capture your memories with a professional elopement photographer who knows all the best places and when to go there.

5. Consider traveling in the off-season to escape the crowds

Meet Your Utah Elopement Expert

Hey I’m Adam, a Utah  Elopement Photographer! 

You are here because you want an extraordinary, super fun, gorgeous wedding day that’s easy to plan and real low on stress.

Well, that’s my specialty :). So take a look at this guide and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

“This man has so much passion for what he does – from capturing your day exactly how you want it, to making you comfortable in front of the camera, to making sure everything is perfect for YOU….” – Julie and Tassia

Adam Amit, Utah elopement photographer

What is An elopement?

An elopement is a completely custom crafted wedding day that’s focused on you and your boo, with typically only a few guests if at all.

Why Elope in Utah?

Utah has EVERYTHING you can want to experience and see with its numerous opportunities for year-round adventures.

Utah is for adventure lovers, gorgeous nature, and most of all people who LOVE TO LOVE AND HAVE LOTS OF FUN.

Couple at their Arches Utah elopement

Who My Utah Elopement Packages Are Perfect For:

✔️ Couples who are adventurous, passionate, and fun at heart

✔️ Couples who want an intimate day focused on them.

✔️ Couples who love to laugh.

✔️ Couples who want to experience something extraordinary surrounded by beautiful nature.

For couples who want to create a truly unique and authentic experience, that is fully centered on them and what fills them with joy. I spend hours and hours and hours finding the perfect locations to recommend to you, and making sure that you have a custom timeline that fits your activities. Let’s not downplay the activities – these Utah elopement packages are for people who want to EXPERIENCE something EXTRAORDINARY on their day. Whether it’s hiking, skiing, a helicopter ride, star-gazing, picnic, jeep ride and so so much more – this is the package for you.

My Utah Elopement Packages Include:

A Super Fun Elopement Experience

My goal is to make your elopement a hella fun and stress-free experience! That’s what this whole dang thing is all about!! Seriously, take a load off your shoulders. I’m here to help you have fun. I’m here to make sure your day is exactly what you want. You deserve a meaningful fun day and we’re going to make it happen!

Payment Plans

Let’s not stress about this, we’ll create a payment plan that works for you! Need to separate payments across multiple months? We can make that happen.

Personalized Location Recommendations:

This day is all about what you two want, in the most meaningful way possible. That’s why we’re going to pick an extraordinary spot for you two to elope. I’ll do a lot of research to give you the best options for your day.

Unlimited free consultations to help you craft your perfect day.

I can’t emphasize this enough – I want to reduce your stress! Wooooossssaaaaa. So I’m always available to chat and help you plan your day. For real, you can text, email, DM, or carrier pigeon me whenever you want as much as you want.

90 page exclusive elopement guide

I created a thorough elopement guide, just for you. Planning a wedding shouldn’t be stressful and you shouldn’t be wondering, what’s next? What do I do? What’s this mean? So I’ve created this helpful guide that you can refer to whenever you want.

Timeline Construction

What the heck do you do on your day? Don’t worry! I’m going to help you with a thorough timeline, taking into account best lighting, how long it takes to get from point a to b. I’ll walk you through how long everything takes and when you should do it ?

Complimentary Officiating where applicable

Not gonna brag too hard – but I’m a pretty dope officiant. Want proof of my public speaking skills? My university chose me to give the graduation speech, and I brought the house down.

All Travel included, no extra fees

Wherever you get married in Utah is where I’ll be. I don’t charge ya for miles or distance or any of that.

Sneak peaks within 5 days

Holy camolies that’s fast! Of course it is, I want you to relive the day immediately!!

Fully edited hi-res photos available for you to download for free

These photos are yours and you are meant to enjoy them forever and ever and make sure that all your family and friends do too. I highly encourage you throwing these photos up in your best best friend’s bathroom because they deserve to see you so happy.

All of the Above and More

Prices starting at $5900

Woman rollerskating holding hands with a man holding a skateboard

Want A Free Guide to Plan Your Elopement?

This Guide and Checklist was created to make your life a whole lot easier – so you can just focus on being present and enjoying the moment!

Download the Ultimate Elopement Planning Guide and Checklist

Where to Elope in Utah

For an in-depth location guide, check out this blog post: Best Places to Elope in Utah.

Utah is home to some of America’s most unique and outstanding landscapes. From the red rocks of Moab, to the salt flats and snow-capped mountains outside Salt Lake City, to the stunning gorges and towering rock walls of Zion – Utah has an other-worldly landscape.

Here’s the key to figure out where to elope in Utah:

  • What type of landscape do you want?
  • What type of weather do you want?
  • What type of activities do you want to experience?
  • Who do you want to be there?

Answering those questions will really help you figure out where to elope. Here’s a list of my favorite places in Utah to elope:


Why I love Moab: This entire area is a Mecca for adventurers, and for good reason. With its iconic red rock formations, expansive canyons, and stunning desert landscapes, Moab is like nowhere else on earth. Whether you choose to say “I do” against the backdrop of towering arches in Arches National Park or opt for an intimate ceremony along the banks of the Colorado River, Moab provides endless opportunities for romance and adventure. 


Why I love Zion: The towering red cliffs, lush canyons, and emerald-green rivers, Zion National Park offers an unbelievably picturesque backdrop. Whether you exchange vows beneath the awe-inspiring Watchman or Angel’s Landing, you’ll be surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery imaginable. 

Lake Powell

Why I love Lake Powell: Set against a backdrop of towering sandstone cliffs and crystal-clear turquoise waters, Lake Powell is a serene and intimate setting. You can exchange vows on a secluded beach, sail into the sunset on a private boat, or have a cliffside ceremony overlooking the majestic lake. 

Sand Flats:

Why I love the Sand Flats: If you want a one-of-a-kind elopement, the Utah Sand Flats deliver! From intimate ceremonies on the sand dunes to exchanging rings atop rocky outcrops, the Sand Flats invite you to create unforgettable memories in a landscape that embodies both serenity and rugged charm.


Why I love Bryce: Towering hoodoos, dramatic amphitheaters, and vibrant colors abound here. Imagine saying your vows on the edge of Bryce Point, overlooking the breathtaking landscape as the sun paints the sky in hues of orange and pink.

Couple at their Utah elopement

how Much Do Utah Elopement Packages Cost?

Of course, cost is a major consideration when choosing between Utah elopement packages. While elopements are on average much cheaper than a traditional wedding, having a good idea of what your budget is at the start of the planning process will help you find the package that’s the right fit for you. 

Before researching Utah elopement packages, write out your desired budget. Then, list your priorities for your experience. When you start looking at Utah elopement packages, your goal is to try to find a balance between your budget and the package cost. Like with anything else, there may be some tough decisions to make your dreams match your budget. You might find that while there are some areas you’re willing to sacrifice to save money, others are essential and worth the splurge.

My Utah Elopement Packages start at $5,900. If you want to learn more about my packages and what they include check out my elopement packages page.

Average Cost of A Traditional Wedding (150 guests)

Venue: $10,000
Lodging: $2,000
Catering: $11,250
Rehearsal Dinner: $2,000
Attire: $1,000
Photographer: $4,000
Decor: $2,000
Transportation: $1,000
Officiant: $400
DJ/Band: $2,000
Marriage License: 200
Hair and Makeup: $250
Florals: $1,000
Cake: $500
Event Planner: $1,500
Invitations: $500
Favors: $500

Total: $31,100

Average Cost of An Elopement (6 Guests)

Lodging: $1,000
Catering: $500
Attire: $1,000
Photographer: $5,900
Decor: $500
Transportation: $1,000
Officiant: $400
Marriage License: $200
Permits: $200
Hair and Makeup: $250
Florals: $200
Cake: $250

Total: $10,900

Total Savings: $20,200

Couple dances on overlook at their Canyonlands Utah elopement

Elopement Activities 

One of the best things about Utah elopements packages is that you can pretty much do whatever you want on your special day! There are no expectations about what your celebration “should” look like. My Amores have incorporated some super fun and creative activities into their day, from climbing trees and swinging from the branches to skating down a desert road in Moab.

The sky truly is the limit, so think BIG! What sounds like your perfect day? Is it hiking 10 miles through a stunning national park? Racing with your partner on an ATV or snowmobile? Or is it something more low-key, like a sunset picnic near a lake? Are you celebrating with friends and family, or is this a more “just the two of us” private elopement? 

Whatever your dream, you’ll want to make sure that your Utah elopement packages are a good fit for the type of day you envision. The right elopement photographer will have experience with the type of activities you want to do with your Utah elopement packages, and will be able to help you plan out all of the details. They will also be able to guide you through the logistics, from where to go, to how much time will be needed, to what permits and other vendors you may need to help pull it all off. Trust me, this will not only save you a ton of planning time, but will ensure that you have the most stress-free day possible!

Example Utah Elopement Packages and Timelines

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to do for your day, you’ll want to understand how vendors generally structure their Utah elopement packages. While the exact details may vary from vendor to vendor, all Utah elopement packages will take into account the following factors. Understanding each of these will go a long way toward making sure you choose the right vendor and avoid any misunderstandings or surprises.

Sunrise to Sunset Elopement (12 – 16 hours)

3:00 AM: Leave trailhead for 2 mile hike
5:00 AM: Arrive at ceremony site, get ready
6:00 AM: Blue Hour Photos
7:00 AM: Sunrise, Ceremony
8:30 AM: Breakfast
9:15 AM: Final Morning Portraits
10:00 AM: Hike back down
12 – 3 PM: Rest
3:00 PM: Meet at 2nd Location, 1 mile hike
4:00 PM: sunset portraits
6:00 PM: Blue Hour Photos, picnic
7:00 PM: Star Photos
8:00 PM: Hike Back
9:00 PM: Finish

Full Day Elopement (8 hours)

10:00 AM: Leave trailhead for 2 mile hike.
12:00 PM: Arrive at ceremony site, get ready
1:30 PM: Ceremony
2:45 PM: Family Photos
2:15 PM: Picnic + Champagne
3:00 PM: Couples Portraits + Exploration
4:30 PM: Hike Down
6:00 PM: Arrive back at trailhead



(4 hours)

2:00 PM: Leave trailhead for .5 mile hike
2:45 PM: Ceremony
3:15 PM: Couples Portraits + Explore
5:00 PM: Champagne and snacks
5:30 PM: Hike Back
6:00 PM: Arrive back at trailhead

When to Elope in Utah

Utah’s weather is typically warmer than the average temperatures in America, and depending on the season that can really impact your elopement experience.

Winter Utah Elopement Packages:

Winter’s in Utah can vary in temperature. Most of the state will feature cold desert-like weather, and many areas will be covered in snow. That being said, it’ll still typically be warmer than other states and locations. The red rocks throughout Utah are particularly beautiful when contrasted with the white snow. This season has the fewest tourists, so you can expect a lot more privacy and seclusion.

Spring Utah Elopement Packages:

Spring time is one of the best seasons to elope as the rivers and lakes are rushing, and most importantly, temperatures are at their most enjoyable. The days are warm and evenings cold, but you aren’t dealing with the extremes. I highly recommend eloping in either the Spring or fall.

Summer Utah Elopement Packages:

Summer time in elopement can be very very very hot. Depending upon where you are, prepare to take a break or rest during the middle of the day as temperatures can soar. This is also one of the most popular times to elope in Utah, so expect lots of crowds. Especially in the popular national parks.

Fall Utah Elopement Packages:

Like the spring time, fall is a wonderful time to elope in Utah. Weather is bearable, and crowds have started to thin as people go back to work and school. Depending upon where you are at you can see the leaves changing colors. Rivers and lakes are slower and easier to navigate and cross. It’s a great time to get married.

A couple at their sunset Dead Horse Point Utah elopement

Weekday or Weekend?

If you can help it, elope on a weekday! Trust me, trails and popular towns get busy during the weekends because all the locals and tourists are out and about having fun. The best time to get married, heck even to just have a regular old adventure, is during the weekday. You’ll have far fewer people to contend with, and also might even have lower costs!

First I will say to stop looking around for the perfect photographer! Adam is the one! Adam gave his all to find out who we are, our likes and dislikes, what we pictured on our day and how WE wanted it to be. With all honesty he made our day amazing.” – Eugene & Angela

What’s Next?

Utah elopement photographer Adam Amit

Want A Free Guide to Plan Your Elopement?

This Guide and Checklist was created to make your life a whole lot easier – so you can just focus on being present and enjoying the moment!

Download the Ultimate Elopement Planning Guide and Checklist

Free Planning Resources

Because even the details should be fun!


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