Top 7 Tips For Writing Your Elopement Vows

LAST UPDATED December 26, 2023

Writing your wedding vows is an incredibly personal and meaningful part of your elopement ceremony. This is the moment where you and your partner express your deepest feelings, promises, and commitment to each other. Whether you choose to write your vows separately beforehand, collaborate on them together, or let the words flow in the moment, here are the top seven pieces of advice to help you craft heartfelt and memorable vows for your elopement.

1. Reflect On Your Journey

Take some time to reflect on your journey as a couple, from the first day you met to the present moment. Consider the milestones, challenges, and joys you’ve experienced together. 

Incorporate these moments into your vows to create a narrative that tells your unique love story. For example:

“From the moment our paths crossed, I knew we were meant to share this incredible journey together. Through the ups and downs, the laughter and tears, you have been my rock, my partner, and my best friend…”

2. Be Authentic And Vulnerable

Don’t be afraid to express your true feelings and vulnerability in your vows. Let your partner know what they mean to you and how they’ve changed your life for the better. Share your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the future. Here’s an example:

“You have shown me the true meaning of unconditional love. Your unwavering support and belief in me have given me the courage to chase my dreams fearlessly. With you by my side, I know that together we can conquer anything life throws our way…”

3. Make Personal Promises

Your vows are an opportunity to make personal promises to each other. Think about the values and qualities that are important to your relationship and how you can incorporate them into your vows. These promises can be simple acts of love or grand gestures, tailored specifically to your partnership. For instance:

“I promise to always cherish and respect you, to be your biggest cheerleader and shoulder to lean on. I vow to support your dreams and aspirations, and to always make you feel loved and appreciated…”

4. Incorporate Personal And Unique Details

Take a trip down memory lane and think about the unique moments that only you two would understand. Recall inside jokes, funny incidents, or experiences that brought you closer to each other. Choose a story or joke that resonates with both of you and brings a smile to your faces. Here’s an example:

“Remember our first camping trip together? The one where we were supposed to be seasoned outdoor enthusiasts but ended up pitching our tent backwards? We laughed until our bellies hurt, and in that moment, I knew that with you, even the simplest mishaps could turn into cherished memories. That’s the beauty of us – we find joy in the unexpected and turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.”

5. Seek Inspiration

If you’re in need of some inspiration, there are plenty of resources available to help you find the right words. Many couples incorporate lines or references from poems, books, tv shows, movies, or even songs. (Bonus points if it’s a mutual favorite or you experienced a particular movie, show, or song together!) If you’re really stuck, there are a ton of resources online (just google “wedding vow inspiration”) with examples that may inspire the perfect line for your own vows. Hint: See below for sample elopement vows!

6. Choose Your Writing Approach

Decide on the approach that feels most authentic and comfortable for you and your partner. Some couples prefer to write their vows separately, giving each person the freedom to express their feelings individually. Others may choose to collaborate on their vows together, creating a shared expression of their love. Lastly, there are those who embrace the spontaneity of the moment and choose to write their vows on the day of the elopement, allowing the words to come to them naturally. Whatever approach you choose, trust your instincts and follow your heart.

7. Capture Your Words In A Beautiful Vow Book

There are a variety of custom vow books available to keep your words safe forever. Some of my favorites (like these gorgeous customizable books) are from Etsy, where you’re sure to find something unique to fit your personality. 

Bonus: Sample Elopement Vows

Today, as we stand here ready to embark on this incredible journey together, I can’t help but reminisce about the countless adventures and laughter-filled moments we’ve shared. From the very beginning, our love has been filled with experiences and stories that are uniquely ours.

Remember that time we got lost on a road trip and ended up in a tiny, quirky town? Our navigation skills may have failed us, but it led us to discover the most delicious ice cream shop. That moment taught us the beauty of embracing unexpected detours and finding joy in the simplest pleasures.

And let’s not forget about our endless movie marathons, where we transformed our living room into a cozy fortress of blankets and snacks. We’ve laughed, cried, and created lasting memories while quoting lines from our favorite films. Our shared love for cinematic adventures is a testament to the magic we create when we’re together.

So, here’s my promise to you: I promise to keep the flame of laughter alive, to infuse our days with joy and playfulness. I vow to be the one who tickles your funny bone and lifts your spirits when the weight of the world feels heavy. Let’s create a life where laughter is our constant companion, and our love shines through every shared joke and playful gesture.

Beyond the laughter, I promise to be your anchor, your rock, and your biggest cheerleader. I promise to support you in your dreams, to stand by your side through life’s ups and downs. With unwavering commitment, I promise to be your safe haven, offering comfort and solace in the storms of life.

Today, I give you my heart, overflowing with love and gratitude. You are my person, my partner in adventure, and the one who understands me like no one else. Together, let’s continue to embrace the journey, hand in hand, knowing that with each step, our love deepens, and our story becomes more extraordinary.

I vow to love you fiercely, passionately, and without reservation. You are my forever and always.