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Ultimate Colorado Elopement Packages & Guide 2022

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Colorado Elopement Packages come in all shapes and sizes. Here’s how to find one that matches your style and personality.

Close your eyes and imagine with me an adventure that’s focused on you and the love of your life. You are celebrating in a way that represents the passion you share. This important day can’t be put into a box or a checklist, because it is authentic to who you two are. That’s what makes Colorado elopement packages so special – they are wedding celebrations crafted for your authentic love story, focused just on you two (or, as I like to say…my Amores).

Here you will find helpful information on how to choose a Colorado elopement package that celebrates your love in a way specific to you. If an elopement is on your radar, especially in beautiful blue sky Colorado, you know that there are a lot of packages to choose from.

Let’s make sure you get the perfect Colorado Elopement Package that makes your dreams a reality. (And let me just say, I love this journey for you.)

From mountains, to forests, to rivers, to sand dunes and even sandy lake side beaches, Colorado has it all. This is a state for adventure lovers, and an ideal place for a Colorado adventure elopement. For the couple that want to go on a hike, scale a peak, or just snuggle in a gorgeous wildflower meadow, Colorado is the place to be. If celebrating your love in natural beauty with some fun adventure activities is your jam, then Colorado is your peanut butter.

Is a Colorado Elopement Package Right for Me?

Elopements are ideal for couples who value experiences. You live an intentional life full of meaning, looking for a new and creative way to express your love story. You are full of passion. On one of the most emotional days of your life, you want to let that passion express itself fully. (Not to mention, have damn good photos from one of the best Colorado Elopement photographers to last a lifetime.) Sit down with your partner, and have a heart to heart about expectations for the celebration. An elopement is a big decision, but it can be the perfect fit for the right couple.

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Why Elope?

Just because you are eloping, doesn’t mean you can’t have the traditions that means the most to you. You wanna dance with somebody (cue Whitney Houston)? Let’s play some tunes and you and your partner can groove beneath the stars. You want to wear a large gown? Let’s get you on an epic mountaintop for some gorgeous twirls. This is your day.

You get to incorporate whatever matters most to you. Remember, just because you opted for an elopement over a wedding does not mean you must forgo some of the great pleasures a wedding provides! If a cake, dancing and a few close friends are a priority… communicate that to your partner. Then, seek out packages (and photographers!) that include your prerequisites.

What Do You Want to Do on Your Special Day?

Perhaps the best part of choosing a Colorado Elopement Package (other than celebrating your love, of course!) is choosing what you want to do at your elopement.

Do you want to do a first hike, instead of a first dance? How about a swim after your first kiss? Do you want to say “I do” from a helicopter? Snowmobiles, ATVs, sand dunes, hot air balloons, intimate cabin retreat, hot springs, picnic, small dance party are all viable options. What sounds like YOU? What feels like it’d be a great way to celebrate your day?

The key now is to find a vendor and elopement photographer who has experience crafting unique elopement and doing exactly what you want. (Luckily for you, I may know a guy.)

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How Do Vendors Break Down Colorado Elopement Packages?

Understanding how vendors break down their Colorado elopement packages will help you make the best decision possible. Below is an overview of Colorado elopement packages. Later, we will dive into the details of how to evaluate the packages and take your elopement from good to awesome.On a scale of 1-10, you're an 11 gif

Vendors often break down their Colorado Elopement Packages in these ways:
1. Time – how much time does their package include? (Generally 4 hour, 6 hour, 8 hour, and full day)
2. Extras, such as planning, guidance, and wedding albums
3. Price

As my Amores, these items should be on your radar for evaluating the packages:
1. How well do you jive with the photographer?
2. How much time will you need for the activities you have planned?
3. Do you need the guidance of a planner, or want the option for a wedding album?
4. Budget

Keep these ideas in mind as we dive more into the details of creating the perfect celebration for you and your Colorado Adventure Elopement.

Do you Jive with the Colorado Elopement Package Photographer?

The most important thing to consider when choosing your Colorado Elopement Package is finding a photographer you connect with. Luckily, there is a vendor and photographer out there for everyone! Your goal is to find the right vibe and connection. Evaluate their style, their values, and make sure you choose someone that makes you feel at home.

A Little About Me (I thought you would never ask…)

Photo of Adam Amit - Elopement Photographer

The top tip I give my Amores is finding a photographer that cares about you and not just getting another elopement under their belt. At Adventure Amore, I care deeply about creating the dream elopement for you and your partner.

Furthermore, I have experience in all types of activities and plans. From 11 mile hikes, to 10 degree weather sunrise winter elopements, to summer adventures in the mountains, I have truly done it all. Finally, I will give you plenty of guidance and assistance to create the day of your dreams. Your day means the most to me, and I want to make sure we make your dreams a reality. This means giving my Amores the freedom to express your passionate love for one another.


Write out with your boo what type of vendor you are looking for. Do you want them to be extroverted? Introverted? Adventurous, intimate, always on the road, settled in one specific place?

Do a Google or Pinterest search of ‘Colorado adventure elopements’ or ‘Colorado elopements’ and start to get a feel for the possibilities. What type of photography matches your style? Do you like light, airy, dark, moody, or vibrant photos? Brainstorm and write it all down. It’s ok if you don’t know or aren’t sure, or don’t have a strong pull towards anything yet…. That’s what consultations are for!

Now, create a running spreadsheet or list of the photographers you like and why. Ask if they are familiar shooting in the style you have chosen. And of course, doing a search on their site of previous elopements will give you a good taste of that photographers style.

Does Your Colorado Elopement Package Photographer Match Your Values?

This is an important one: talk with your photographer and understand their values. Are they inclusive? How do they live by their principles during their day to day life? Do they care about the environment and practice Leave No Trace principles?

It goes without saying, the photographer will be present for one of the biggest moments of your entire life. You want to ensure that the energy they bring is positive, and aligns with your goals and values as a couple.

Couple celebrates with their dog at their Colorado elopementCouple embraces at their Colorado elopement

Couple kisses at their Colorado elopement

Colorado Elopement Package: Photo Time Frame Breakdown

The biggest thing separating packages is time. Do you need 6 hours, 8 hours, a full day (over eight hours)? Many couples may not be sure how much time they need so here are some helpful breakdowns of how long different parts of the day, and activities can take:

  1. Getting ready photos – 30 min – 3 hours. These are important photos because you get to tell the full story of the day. You are building suspense, and anticipation for the journey ahead, and can see it on your beautiful faces.
  2. Hike – Take into account 30 – 60 minutes per mile depending upon the difficulty and what you are doing. You’d rather plan for hiking to take longer than expected and have extra time, then under plan the time it takes and rush to do whatever you want to do. An experienced photographer (Ehem 😉 will be able to give you really specific guidance as to how long a hike should take.
  3. Star photos – These are epic photos you take at night with the stars! You want to start these 30 minutes after sunset, or finish no later than 30 before sunrise. Star photos can take a long time, could be thirty minutes or an hour, because you stand very still, sometimes for 5 – 10 seconds at a time, while the photographer takes a single photo.
  4. Ceremony – 10 – 20 minutes on average depending on vows, unity activities. If it’s a religious ceremony with a lot of scripture, add more time.
  5. First look – the first look itself can take 5 – 10 minutes. Add more time if it will take a while to get to your dream location.
  6. Post ceremony photos – These can be anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours. It can involve activities such as picnics, songs, dance, or anything else that is meaningful to the Amores. That’s not to say you’ll be posing for photos the entire time, but that photos will be taken during these times.
  7. Post ceremony party – Again, this could be anything from a 1 hour backyard get together with cake cutting, to a several hour party with dancing, toasts, meals, and shenanigans!
  8. Intimate session – a session where you and your partner are more intimate. This could be on a bed, shower, jacuzzi, in your underwear or even naked. It’s a chance for you two to really get close to each other, and let your emotions be vulnerable. I recommend at least an hour for these sessions.

Once you know what your dream elopement activities are, and what elopement photos are important to you, you can begin to deduce the best length of Colorado Elopement Package for you. The best Colorado elopement photographer for you will be able to help you craft the perfect day for you.

Couple smiles together at their Colorado elopementCouple kisses at their Colorado elopement

Choose a Colorado Elopement Package That Includes the “Extras” You May Need

First, you determined when and how long your elopement will be. Now, you can decide what “extras” are necessary for your Colorado Elopement Package.

When you and your partner have prioritized the “must haves” for your elopement (did someone say they wanted to bring their furry friend along?!) then check back with the elopement packages. It is important to ensure that the package and photographer are able to accommodate your request!

Planning and Logistics for Your Colorado Elopement Package

First and foremost, I encourage couples to choose a photographer who is well experienced in the art of eloping. Furthermore, I encourage all of my Amores to look for a photographer/vendor who provides some flexibility. Does the photographer let you book a smaller package, help you plan, and allow you to upgrade if necessary?

I pride myself on being a planning and logistics guide extraordinaire. This comes from a lot of experience within the elopement industry, and also taking time to get to know my couples. This is done through a personalized questionnaire to understand exactly what you want for your day. My goal is always to make your dream a reality.

Wedding Albums and Colorado Elopement Packages

A wedding album that you can hold in your hands and pages you can flip through is important. It is a beautiful way to commemorate the day and all of the love, laughter and tears that the memories hold.

My recommendation? Ask for a wedding album price list up front. Talk to the photographer about where you intend to display these photos. For some couples, these photos only live on Instagram. However, I believe your wedding photos deserve to be good enough to cover your walls and live in an album.

Many of my best packages include credits on wedding albums that I design for you. A wedding album signifies in your mind this is a unique and special event that deserves special treatment. I encourage all of my Amores to choose a Colorado elopement package that includes an album.


Let’s be honest, elopements are already a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding. Without looking at Colorado elopement packages, write out your desired budget. Then find a balance between your budget and the cost of the package. This is a once in a lifetime experience! Don’t be afraid to spend money on something that will last and be passed down for generations to come.

Other Extras

There are a few final things to consider when choosing extras for your Colorado Elopement Package. Ask each photographer if they include an engagement or post engagement shoot.

Ask about travel fees, and if these are included within the price! Also, it is important to understand if you are able to download the hi-res images for free. Finally, don’t forget to take a look at their testimonials or ask for references. Hearing about others experiences may help you understand if the Colorado Elopement Package is right for you.

Couple walks together at their Colorado elopement Couple kisses in front of a pool at their Colorado wedding

Tying it All Together (Before you tie the Knot.)

Celebrating the love of your life is a big thing and deserves to be celebrated. Determining which Colorado Elopement Package and photographer get to be a part of this celebration is a big thing, too.

Amores, I encourage you to make some lists:
1. A list of vendors and photographers you like. Go ahead and schedule that first call.
2. A list of activities you are interested in, and ask about these activities on your call.
3. A list of what they have to say. Ask them questions. See if their values align with yours and if they can help craft a
unique, and wonderful elopement experience for you.
4. Once you find a vendor you vibe with, lock them in!

Evaluating the length of your elopement, the extras needed, and a photographer that you adore will allow you to create the Colorado Elopement Package of your dreams.

What’s Next?

Colorado Elopement Photographer stands next to a Jeep
Are you ready for a consultation one one of Colorado’s Best Elopement photographers? Want to learn more about the right Colorado Elopement Package for YouHit me up! I’ll chat with you for free to see if we can make your elopement dreams a reality.
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