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Wedding couple kisses during their adventure elopement in Telluride, Colorado

7 Best Elopement Locations in Colorado

Couple with their marriage license and dog witnessSo ya wanna elope and you’re wondering, where are some of the most beautiful places in Colorado to get hitched? Are you thinking epic Mountains? Sand Dunes? Snow covered peaks? Icy lakes? Purple Skies? Because I’m about to give you the low down on the Best Elopement Locations in Colorado!

First off, let’s talk about why you want to elope in Colorado. A big draw – your puppies can witness your marriage certificate. If you think I’m kidding, I’ve got fantastic news for you, this is all for reals. Your fur babies can be official witnesses to your marriage, so bring them along on your adventure!

The biggest and best draw of it all – Colorado’s natural majesty. It might be a bit cliche, and might sound a bit corny, but Colorado is truly MAGICAL. It’s got everything you could want. Whether it’s a cozy cabin elopement for 2 or a 20 mile hike up and down 14ers, Colorado has your back. Below you’ll find some of the Best Elopement locations in Colorado.

Same sex couple runs through the snow at their Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

Here are some things to consider as you pick a location and start planning your Colorado elopement:

  1. Pick a location! That’s where this list comes in handy! Let’s pick the perfect location for you with some great ideas below.
  2. Check for permits! Some places, like Rocky Mountain National Park, require permits for elopements, weddings, and even photography. Make sure you get the paperwork taken ahead of time so you don’t have to stress about it later.
  3. Weather: Colorado’s weather is quite the adventure. Sure, we get 300 or so days with at least some sunshine, but we get hail, blizzards, and all types of randomness throughout the year. If you have a specific destination in mind, it’s imperative you know how it’ll look, and whether you can even get to it during certain times of the year. Some locations are best in the winter time, some are best in the summer. Let’s say for instance you want to get married amidst wildflowers, you aren’t going to want to get married 14,000 feet up in the middle of January. Want to get married on an ice covered lake, sure we got plenty of those but only during the winter, and some are only accessible with some serious snowshoeing / hiking.
  4. Plan to get your marriage certificate within 30 days of the actual wedding! For a small fee, you can get your marriage certificate in a local city hall office. If you are traveling to get married in Colorado, you will need a Colorado certificate. Can’t bring that Wisconsin or New York paperwork. What you can bring with you, are those fur-babies we talked about!
Ok, now that we’ve gotten through our checklist, let’s hop right on in to the best elopement locations in Colorado!
Same sex couple celebrates at their Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement

Right before you head to Rocky Mountain National Park is a gem of a location called Estes Park. Estes is home to several lakes, hills, fantastic views, sunsets, animals, and a cute town. Whether you want to hang out by a lake, hike some epic trails, rock climb, this area has it all. If you want to hit a lake, go to Mary’s Lake. It has a wonderful walking path all around it, and is surrounded by rising hills. You can even rock climb for your elopement. I once saw a meteor falling to earth during an elopement. Do you need another sign for the magic that awaits you?

This location is fantastic as a jumping off point for so many other adventures – whether it’s in Rocky Mountain National Park, or Indian Peaks Wilderness, it’s just a quick ride. You can also easily get to Breckenridge and hit a whole lot of ski resorts for some epic powder.

Couple at their Estes Park engagement

Indian Peaks Wilderness

Nestled among the hills and quieter than a lot of other places is Brainard Lake. To the West, mountains tower over the lake, and to the south you’ll find gentle rolling hills filled with lush green trees. There’s plenty of hiking, and nature all around. You can find sandy beaches, glaciers, hidden lakes, and endless adventure in Indian Peaks Wilderness. It’s one of my all time favorite spots. If you look below you’ll see a couple basking in Alpine glow. That’s when the sun just rises and showers snow covered mountain tops with an orange / red glow. An elopement at Indian Peaks Wilderness is truly magical. 10/10 Do recommend!

Couple at their Indian Peaks Wilderness elopementCouple kisses at their Indian Peaks wilderness elopement


Breckenridge is a stunning little ski town nestled in the mountains. It’s super close to a lot of gorgeous mountain ranges, trails, and adventure opportunities. You cannot go wrong here!

Whether it’s Sapphire Point, a famous and easy elopement spot overlooking Frisco and Dillon Lake, or a more secret spot nestled in the hills which only I know about😉 , your options are enormous.

A day here can start off in a cabin, overlooking the sunrise glistening off of snow-capped mountains. Then we could adventure forth on an epic trail, seeing fantastic sites, avoiding the crowds. Creating memories that will last a lifetime. We reach a summit overlooking the world, you say your “I Do’s.” We’ll have a blast and laugh like crazy while you two celebrate. We cap it all off with a perfect evening in Breck, eating and drinking and being super merry. What isn’t to love??

Couple laughs at their Brekenridge Colorado elopementCouple at their Brekenridge Colorado elopement


Just next to and outside Boulder are a lot of excellent options with stunning views. I kid you not, you wouldn’t know it looking at the photos below, but Boulder is right next door! That’s what makes Boulder such an awesome place. You have parks, hills, trails, mountains, and it can be a jumping off spot for a lot more elopement locations further into the mountains.

Colorado is a magical place for its flexibility. You can have stunning locations just outside a city, and isolated mountain ranges further in. The options are limitless and that’s why I highly recommend coming out here for your elopement.

Couple kisses at their Boulder Colorado ElopementCouple says vows at their Boulder Colorado elopement

Garden of the Gods

Colorado is known for its red rocks jutting out of the ground to create a stunning backdrop. If you want to elope surrounded by these gorgeous red rocky formations, a Garden of the Gods elopement must be on your list. Located between Denver and Colorado Springs, it’s easy to get to. The walks in the park are fairly easy, without much elevation. While it’s teeming with people, planning ahead can make for a romantic and easy location that will amaze everyone who sees your photos.

And if you work with me, I know all the good spots away from the crowds. So we can get you some isolation and privacy while you celebrate your happiest moment. Check out this guide for more on eloping at Garden of the Gods!

Couple plays at their Garden of the Gods elopementCouple celebrates at their Garden of the Gods Elopement

Sand Dunes

WOOWOWOWOW. So much of Colorado is stunning, but the Sand Dunes are one of the most stunning locations you can imagine. The dunes rise from the ground and fill the skyline with their rolling hills. It’s such a blast hanging out there. You can go hiking, take a 4X4 and explore, you can star-gaze, you can rent sleds and sled down the dunes. There are so many activities and possibilities while enjoying one of America’s coolest spots.

I can’t recommend this location enough. It’s just out of this world. And nearby are some other stunning locations, so you can hop from one spot to the next and just enjoy an epic adventure.

Couple and their dog at their Great Sand Dunes National Park elopement


Couple and their dog at their Great Sand Dunes National Park elopement

Meet the Best Colorado Elopement Photographer for You

Colorado Elopement Photographer stands next to a Jeep

Hi there! I’m Adam, and my favorite thing in the world is helping couples just like you plan their perfect Colorado elopement. Whatever your ideal day looks like, I’m here to help you make it happen.

If you’re ready to start planning or just have some questions to decide which elopement package is right for you, I’d love to hear from you.

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