Get Photos You’ll Look Back on in 50 Years and Say “DAMNN, We Look HOT”

& Proceed to Make Out Like High School Teenagers ❤️

Since You’ve Landed Here…

Chances Are, You Don’t Settle for the Average and the Expected 

You Want Your Elopement to Be Unique and Intimate

Instead of spending $40,000+ on a traditional ceremony with family you’d rather avoid and 150+ people you barely know, you want to flip the bird to societal expectations and go on a wonderful adventure with the love of your life. 

You want to get married in one of our country’s most gorgeous locations – Colorado. With it’s breathtaking mountains soaring, waterfalls rushing, rivers flowing – it’s the perfect backdrop for your vows.

You want gorgeous views. Gorgeous photos. Non-traditional wedding experience in nature that celebrates your powerful love in a safe and supporting way. A day that’s truly unforgettable. Something you’re going to fondly laugh about when you’re old & gray.

Coincidentally, we’re here to help you make it happen. 

How my Couples Reacted to their experience and Photos:

We Are Queer Elopement Photographers for LGBTQ+ Couples

We craft & capture your non-traditional day so you can laugh about the time you did something wild instead of what was expected of you when you’re old & gray ❤️

Meet Your Elopement Photographer

Adam Amit

Your Queer Elopement Photographer | Adventurer | Unapologetic Cheeseball 

This may sound cheesy, but love fills me with more hope, joy, and optimism than anything else. On your elopement day, I want you to feel madly in love and totally present because every single detail has been taken care of for you – and you now have beautiful snapshots that capture these emotions forever. 

When I’m not working, I’m exploring. I’m not afraid to get dirty and dusty. Might I suggest rolling down a grassy hill while attempting to hold hands and not pee yourself from laughing so hard? Yes? Then you’re my kind of person ❤️

P.S. Ask me about the time I backpacked around the world for more than a year – I love telling stories!

Real Talk 

You Didn’t Decide to Elope to Be Stressed About the Logistics 😉

You want a personal and intimate celebration that doesn’t feel like work. This is why the Adventure Amore team will be there every step of the way to help you create your perfect wedding or elopement that mirrors your adventurous spirits and deep connection amidst gorgeous, breathtaking scenery.

With a nuanced understanding of Colorado’s weather, seasons, and trails, we’ll help you plan activities, pick the perfect spots, and keep everything on track so you can actually enjoy your epic day instead of worrying about the nitty-gritty details (because who the heck has time for that when you’re wild in love?!).

Want to Know What to Expect?

Here’s exactly what we will help you with so you have a stress-free + epic Garden of the Gods wedding and elopement.   

The possibilities for your elopement are vast. Whether it’s just you two, or you got your closest friends and family, we know all of the best spots and will help you choose the perfect location for you as a couple.

Worried about how you’re going to pull this whole elopement thing off? Do not fear! We’ve worked with 150+ couples and know exactly how to structure your legendary day so you can make the most out of it.

Delicious food? Beautiful flowers? A talented artist to do your makeup? We don’t exaggerate when we say that we know the BEST people in the biz who are LGBTQ+ affirming and would love to introduce you to them! 

Figuring out how to get your marriage license and make sure that your union is legally recognized? Wondering if you need a permit to get married in a certain spot? That may be a buzzkill. Which is why we’ll help you navigate it all! 

Bringing your loved ones along? YAY. One of the greatest things about eloping is that you can share your special day with your inner circle. We’ll make sure that everyone is taken care of so you can focus on celebrating YOU.

You’re getting married! Which is f*cking amazing but also nerve-wracking as hell. We’ll make sure everything is running smoothly and pick up some extra duties like carrying your backpack or making sure your outfit is looks *fine*.

TL;DR? We’re Going to Make Sure You Have the Most Unique Start to Your Forever Together ❤️

Worried About How You’ll Look in Your Photos?

I Love Proving That You Are Indeed Photogenic.

We’ve photographed hundreds of people, and not a single one of them looked silly or bad. How? Because it’s not about TRYING to look a certain way. It’s about having a good freaking time and letting loose. 

We mantra is simple: we believe in the power of authenticity. We’ll help you feel confident and find the right angles while you spend the time of your life with your person. We craft experiences that feel genuine to you, capturing the raw emotions, deep belly laughs, and unexpected tears as you make the most important promise of your life to your partner. 

If you want us to help you pose, we got you covered! Our goal is to use posing to create moments and experiences that are authentic and true to YOU. We’ll give you a starting point so you can let your true relationship shine! 

When you look back on your elopement photos, we want you to feel like you’re living through it all over again – butterflies in your stomach as you kiss your spouse under a million stars and all. 

Blake Kellogg 

Your Garden of the Gods Elopement Photographer | Border Collie Mom | Colorado Native

You’re probably here because you want an extraordinary, super fun, gorgeous elopement that’s really low on stress. Hey — that’s where I come in! As an elopement photographer, I help plan and capture your perfect day in full detail so you can look back on your photos for a lifetime.

Not only am I an outdoor adventurist with a whole bunch of experience, but I’m also a pro at planning the perfect elopement itinerary so you can fully immerse yourself in your love. From location scouting to giving you necessary permit info, I’ll customize your elopement so it’s everything you want and more (and you’ll get stunning photos on top of it).

Ready to run wild with us? 


Picture this: an intimate + non-traditional elopement that’s all about YOU. Every moment is meaningful. You laugh – a LOT. You’re surrounded by breathtaking nature. There’s red dirt on your boots after an easy yet totally-worth-it hike. You swore you wouldn’t cry, but there are tears rolling down your cheeks as you read your vows. You’re marrying your best friend in the most UNIQUE way EVER, and your only job is to enjoy Every. Single. Second. 

You in? 

Every Package includes:

  • Two hours of photography in the mountains, at a courthouse, by a lake – wherever you want to celebrate your love!
  • Professional, dedicated & (dare we say it) hilarious photographer to capture your love story (option to upgrade to two photographers available!)
  • Expert location scouting: we’ll find the perfect spot that’ll make your heart melt
  • Custom timeline, planning assistance, and LOTS of checklists for a stress-free, hands-off experience
  • Custom planning portal that’ll instantly make you feel ~ organized ~
  • Unlimited free consultations: call or text whenever you have questions (for real!)
  • Zero travel fees within 1.5 hours of Denver: my bags are packed, and the price you see is the price you get
  • High-res images with download rights so you can print them
  • LGBTQ affirming vendor recommendations to connect you with the best people in the biz
  • Guidance with logistics like permits and your marriage license
  • Sneak peeks within 48 hours
  • Full high-res online gallery delivery in 8 weeks

Pricing: $1,600

for photos only

All Inclusive Packages: $5,000 for photo, video, hair and makeup, and bouquet.

10% of all package profits will go towards the Trevor Project and Transgender Law Center.

Questions Our Amores Often Ask Us ❤️

Yep! You technically don’t need an officiant or witnesses for your elopement in Colorado, but we’re 100% GAME to be your officiants. We may or may not shed a few tears while at it 🙂 

After our call, we’ll send you a contract and invoice. Once you sign and pay we’re all set!

Yes, yes, and yes! Our goal is to make your elopement a smooth and stress-free experience. Once we make it official, you’ll be invited to a private client portal where you’ll find extensive resources and checklists to keep the entire process organized. We’ll help with finding epic locations, crafting a realistic timeline, connecting with the-best-in-the-biz vendors, navigating legal requirements & permits, getting your marriage license, and more! 

Big time! 0 judgment here. I want you two to do what you love and have a good time, if that’s part of it, I’m all for it! In fact, lighting up your joint may or may not be a part of our all-inclusive service 😉

Absolutely not! Your adventure elopement package can look like a ton of different things. We can do it in a park, in nature, at the court house, on a cliff, with a jeep, with a plane. All experiences are custom. On your free consult call, we can chat about the different activities that you can do. 

Absolutely! Take your loved ones with you – the Adventure Amore team will keep them happy and entertained. That said, we recommend limiting your guests to 16 people, though there are spots at Garden of the Gods that can accommodate up to 50 guests. 

We don’t set a specific number of photos and it also depends on how much photo coverage your package includes. After years of testing, telling your best story typically results in 40 photos per daylight hour.

WE LOVE DOGS! If you want your fur-baby present, we’ll find a location where all of you can have a blast. Some locations have special rules about animals, so we’ll make sure that there are no surprises!  PS: Did you know that in Colorado, your dog can legally witness your license?! 

Hold On a Second

Why Get Married In Colorado?

Because it’s freaking FUN, easy, and the natural beauty is unparalleled. We’re *completely* unbiased. For an idea of the kinds of backgrounds you can expect for your elopement day, look no further 👉

As for the fun + easy part: 

  • In Colorado, you don’t need an officiant or witnesses for your elopement
  • Your dogs & pets can legally witness your marriage license
  • Colorado is a 4/20-friendly state! Feel free to have some 4/20 fun during your elopement
  •  The weather is unmatched and there are unique things to take advantage of every season, from wildflower season to fall foliage 

Plus, you’ll have the Adventure Amore team to help you with all and any logistics. Are you in yet?! 

Here’s What Your Adventure Amore Elopement Could Look Like

Hear from other couples just like you who’ve tied the knot with me!

“Have you booked your date with Adventure Amore yet? No?! Well, stop reading like immediately and go do it. Adam is invested in you, your story, your vision, and finding the perfect place to adventure with your amore”

– Brenna

“Adam’s incredible photography skills will forever capture one of the most important days of my life. Adam’s persona during the wedding made the day feel effortless.”

– Kaylee

“Stop looking around for the perfect photographer! Adam is the one! Adam gave his all to discover who we are, our likes and dislikes, what we pictured on our day, and how WE wanted it to be!”


So, How Does This Work? 

You’re asking the nitty-gritty questions, we like that about you 😉


Reach Out & Book

It’s important to make sure that our personalities match because, well, we are going to be there when you make one of the most important decisions of your life! Let’s hop on a low-pressure consultation call to test our vibe, brainstorm the options for your elopement, and figure out how many hours of photo coverage you’re going to ideally need. Then, you’ll receive your contract and submit a retainer to book your date to make it official 🥳


We Start Planning

Once the contract and deposit are taken care of, you’ll get an invite to join your custom client portal where you’ll find extensive resources & checklists to help you with creating the elopement of your dreams. We’ll also suggest epic locations, help you create a realistic timeline, connect you with amazing vendors, help you navigate legal requirements, and more. We pride ourselves on taking next-level care of our couples! 


Get Married!

Today is THE DAY! You’re getting married, and it’s going to be EPIC. From start to finish, we’ll make sure that everything is running smoothly and you don’t have to do *anything* except show up and enjoy the legendary start to your forever together! *cue happy tears* 

You can expect to get sneak peeks within 48 hours and your full high-res online gallery (with download + printing rights) in 8 weeks.

If You’ve Scrolled All the Way Down Here, It Means There’s a Certain ✨Spark✨ Between Us 

Let’s test it out on a call, k? 

Packages starting at $1,400.