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Embrace the Adventure of Love with Zero Stress

Let’s be honest — straight couples never have to worry about their elopement safety or whether their photographer will accept their love. You shouldn’t have to worry about that either. Get stunning photos to capture your special day and help with planning assistance so your LGBTQ elopement is safe, fun, and focused on one thing: your love.

Create Your Romantic Elopement On Your Terms

Dream up the ideal elopement that feels like you, not what someone else thinks you should do. Being part of the LGBTQ community means you embrace inclusivity and individuality, just like me, Adam, and Adventure Amore. I’ll help you choose a space or place where you and your partner can be yourselves without judgment. There’s equality for all  — without hesitation. So, why choose someone else?

Your Adventure Elopement is Just Around the Corner

How do you picture your best day ever? It’s obviously with your lover, but are you in the Rocky Mountains? Sitting in Positano, Italy, drinking wine? Whatever you want to do on your special day, you’ll spend it together, present, and focused on what matters most.

Stress-Free Planning Assistance

Sigh away the anxiety — you’ll get every ounce of support from an expert adventurer who’s been there, done that to make your untraditional wedding easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Incredible Photos of Your Love

Whatever adventure you two go on, I’ll document every loving kiss, intimate handhold, and flirtatious smile for photos to look back on for years.

Hand-Picked Recommendations

Have an entire plan in place and need someone to take photos and help see it through? I’ll be there! Have no freaking idea where to start or what to even do? I can help, too!

Here’s What It Looks Like to Elope with Adventure Amore

Hear from other couples just like you who’ve tied the knot already.

“We were both a little nervous about the fact that we are two women and wanted to make sure that our photographer was not only okay with that, but would embrace it and make us feel comfortable. Adam not only did that, but did so much more.”

– Sammy & Jenn

“Adam is your guy. This man has so much passion for what he does – from capturing your day exactly how you want it, to making you comfortable in front of the camera, to making sure everything is perfect for YOU, to simply being the kindest, bestest, awesomest addition to your wedding”

– Julie & Tassia

Couple shows off their wedding rings at their Colorado elopement

“He made me comfortable enough to be funny and goofy and be myself. It felt like I’ve known him my whole life that’s how much of a friendly and open person he is.”

– Jayshawna and Kristie

Worried Your Elopement Won’t Reflect Your Unique Love Story?

Many LGBTQ couples face challenges in finding inclusive, understanding services that honor their love. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach that misses the essence of your relationship.

Custom-Tailored Elopements for Every LGBTQ Couple

Every love story deserves its dream setting. At Adventure Amore, turn your dreams into reality, custom-tailoring your elopement to fit your unique narrative. 

Here’s how I make your special day unforgettable:

You Won’t Worry About the Weather — Guaranteed

Thanks to your Weather Contingency Guarantee, you won’t worry about letting crappy conditions ruin your good vibes! You can say “I do” in the outdoors without added weather pressures.

Personalized Location Scouting That Doesn’t Suck

Discover the perfect backdrop for your “I do’s.” From mountaintops to hidden beaches, I find the locale that echoes your love’s adventure.

High-Resolution Photos You’ll Actually Want to Share

I bring out your best side, making you laugh (and cry) to create high-res pictures you can print, frame, and share with your friends or family.

Detailed Itinerary Planning That Exceeds Expectations

Your elopement, your adventure. Work with tailored itineraries that include every romantic hike, cozy picnic, and thrilling excursion you’ve dreamed of.

Why I’m Your Adventurous LGBTQ Elopement Planner

You’re probably here because you want an extraordinary, super fun, gorgeous elopement that’s really low on stress. Hey — that’s where I come in! As an elopement photographer, I help plan and capture your perfect day in full detail so you can look back on your photos for a lifetime.

Not only am I an outdoor adventurist with a whole bunch of experience, but I’m also a queer photographer and part of the LGBTQ community. I understand the importance of celebrating love in all its forms. Moreover, I’m a pro at planning the perfect elopement itinerary so you can fully immerse yourself in your love. From location scouting to giving you necessary permit info, I’ll customize your elopement so it’s everything you want and more (and you’ll get stunning photos on top of it).

 Awe-Inspiring Elopement Packages Starting at $4,800

Why overspend? Save your money for starting your new life together with one of my elopement packages that won’t drain your bank account or cause an argument about your big day. I don’t charge any travel fees to get around when you hire me, either. That means my hotels, cars, flights, buses, trains, lodging, etc., are all covered in my packages.  There are also no extra fees for your photos. What you pay for is what you get (as in, you get stunning photos that you have to send to all your family and friends immediately).

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  • Full planning assistance from start to finish, big or small details
  • $0 travel fees (no hidden fees here!)
  • Unlimited planning consultations with me
  • Vendor, location, and logistic recommendations (I’m here to help with everything!)
  • Photo sneak peeks within 48 hours
  • Full, high-res gallery in 8 weeks

Check Out Some of our FAQs Couples Always Ask

No problem at all! I specialize in bringing dream destinations to life, even if you’ve never set foot there. I provide detailed guides, stunning location options, and insider tips to make you feel right at home, no matter how far from home you choose to celebrate your love.

(Never been to your dream spot? Let Adventure Amore be your guide! I love introducing our couples to the hidden gems of their dream destinations. With my knack for adventure and detailed planning, you’ll feel like locals by the time you say, ‘I do.’ It’s like having a first date in the most romantic spot on earth—exciting, new, and perfectly planned just for you.)

Adam stands out for his personalized approach, skillfully capturing the energy of your elopement as you start this exciting new chapter in your life. I understand the initial challenges some couples might face in finding the right person to embrace their unique stories and preferences. 

(I work to push beyond just capturing moments—I actively listen to your needs and desires, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience from start to finish. I’ve made dreams come true for LGBTQ elopements, finding a stunning location that speaks to you with photos that capture your love story with breathtaking artistry that the competition simply can’t beat.)

From the initial consultation to the execution of your special day, I’m dedicated to making you feel comfortable and at ease. My transformational approach involves actively listening to your needs, understanding your vision, and capturing genuine moments that reflect your unique partnership.

(Your elopement will be a positive experience made memorable for all the right reasons. You can relax and do your thing while I work my magic to create cherished memories against nature’s most awe-inspiring backdrops where stress takes a backseat.)

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