Create a Garden of the Gods Elopement You’ll Never Forget

Making your Garden of the Gods elopement something to remember shouldn’t be ruined by a planning process you’d rather forget. You can have peaceful privacy and romantic intimacy without inducing pure lunacy. Plan your elopement at one of the area’s most recorded, memorable locations, on your terms, with Adventure Amore. 

Your Garden of the Gods Elopement Starts with Adventure Amore

Planning your picture-perfect elopement will be easy. You can tell me what you’re dreams are — a ceremony under the stars or you and your partner showing the world your love in wonderful fall colors. The perks of getting eloping at Garden of the Gods are no joke:

  • No Cost: Ceremonies are allowed in the Garden of the Gods Park without cost, on a first-come, first-served basis, so you can save your money for your honeymoon.
  • Accessible Convenience: The area is easily accessible for you and your guests (if you want anyone there), so you can plan to take advantage of nearby accommodations and amenities.
  • Flexible Schedule: Whether it’s a midday exchange of vows or a sunset celebration, the Garden of the Gods provides a beautiful backdrop at any time.

Plan your Colorado Springs Elopement and Avoid Procrastination

From Easy Elopement Planning to Peak Perfection

You can have the most elaborate ceremony or keep it low-key. It’s up to you and your budget. It’s your day; you should get what you want because you will only do this once. I know that there are certain lighting issues, intricate camera settings, and more that need to be a part of your Garden of the Gods elopement ceremony. I won’t be there with my phone helping you take sweet selfies. 

Your day is personal and needs to be in the hands of a professional photographer. Adventure Amore was designed to help couples like you take the stress out of planning an elopement in Garden of the Gods that’s created on your terms to satisfy your desires with:

  • Four hours of captivating photo coverage that you can increase if you want or need.
  • A process to get to know you, your partner, with fun, personalized questions.
  • Free consultations with me to speak your mind and work out any planning roadblocks.
  • An on-hand officiant who can help you say “I do,” even if it’s just the three of us.
  • Open, honest communication and pricing about your elopement package.

Why Choose Me (and Adventure Amore)?

Garden of the Gods Elopements for Every Budget

It doesn’t matter if you live in Colorado Springs or are from five states away; you can have your ideal Garden of the Gods elopement with a budgetary style you’re comfortable with. From aesthetic minimalism to elaborate complexity, your dreams are yours to realize without pressure. See what you can do with everything Adventure Amore has to offer:

  • Full planning assistance from start to finish, big or small details
  • $0 travel fees (no hidden fees here!)
  • Unlimited planning consultations with me
  • Vendor, location, and logistic recommendations (I’m here to help with everything!)
  • Photo sneak peeks within 48 hours
  • Full, high-res gallery in 8 weeks

Complete Your Garden of the Gods Elopement Adventure in Three Easy Steps


You’ve chosen Garden of the Gods; now reach out to me. I can guide you to the right place for your elopement and answer your questions. This is where you get to know me, and I see what you and your partner are looking for.


Let the fun begin! This is where we get down to business with planning. I’m here to help with advice, complete last-minute details, arrange for guests, get your dogs a new leash for the ceremony, or whatever needs to be done!


The big day is finally here. Let the butterflies in your stomach begin but in a good way. Relax and enjoy because your hard work is about to pay off in spades with a Garden of the Gods elopement that will leave you speechless for a lifetime.

don’t let the weather ruin your big day

I’ve been doing this long enough to know that Mother Nature does what she wants when she wants. Sure, we’ll watch the weather forecast, but take comfort in knowing Adventure Amore has a Weather Contingency Guarantee. If we need to reschedule, we’ll do it, but my goal is to get you hitched without the stress of weather pressures.

Hear From Other Satisfied Adventure Amore Elopers

Here’s what other couples who’ve worked with me have said about their elopement experience:

“Adam is absolutely amazing and so incredibly talented!! We are thrilled that we found him and would highly recommend him to anyone needing to capture their special moments!! He was very professional and friendly, making our engagement photo shoot so much fun! The photos were outstanding; I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much, Adam!!”

– Ninfa & Steve

“As someone who had never been through a photoshoot before, Adam made us feel super comfortable throughout the process! He was also very open to the location I had in mind while being able to provide similar locations once he knew what I was looking for. He’s very knowledgeable in both photography and Colorado trails! I was so glad I splurged and got a two-hour session!!”

– Allison & Chris

“Adam made our wedding day incredibly comfortable, easy, and special. I couldn’t believe the turnout and just how perfect the views were. He was professional and creative, and overall, he was just a great guy. He spent way more time than he had to in getting the great shots and made sure to ask us if there were any other pictures we wanted. Unreal. We had the best time with Adam and would give him six stars if we could.”

– Michael & Gina

What You Should Know Before Tying the Knot

There will be questions. I will have answers. If not, I’ll find it for you. Here are some of the most asked questions I hear from my clients:

Anyone can have an elopement in Garden of the Gods; you don’t have to live here or pay taxes. Everyone has to follow a few simple rules that are pretty straightforward. 

  • You can bring your dog or dogs, but they need to be leashed. (Fun Fact: In Colorado, your dog can also be your witness at your ceremony.) 
  • Most spots are wheelchair accessible. You won’t be able to throw confetti or birdseed here. (I always follow the “no trace left behind” rule.) 
  • Be mindful of the altitude, especially if you’re coming from sea level. 
  • You will need a marriage certificate from the state to make things legal. There are places all over Colorado where you can get your marriage license. Colorado Springs has three locations, and one of them is open on Saturday mornings for added convenience. Here’s another helpful tip: the state doesn’t require a witness signature on your license.

Garden of the Gods is open most days of the year, so that means any season could be part of the reason you elope in bliss. (I recommend you avoid weekends and plan for a ceremony from Tuesday through Thursday.) Being outdoors for this occasion is so special, especially in Colorado Springs where there are many incredible locations to choose from. 

If you’re considering having a ceremony take place anywhere from late spring to mid-fall, it’s always nice to plan for the time of day I like to call the “golden hour,” where the natural sunlight radiates as the day comes to a close. The light kisses your face with a natural glow that will help our photos capture the intimate settings of your ceremony so you’ll never forget a moment. Later in the year, earlier in the day and into the afternoon, it seems to work best with the weather. It puts you outside when there’s some warmth so your teeth aren’t chattering when you say “I do.”

We’ve worked with hundreds of couples from all over the country with unique love stories. Thanks to the power of Zoom calls, we can speak and meet as much as we’d like to familiarize you with the area and the people or places you’ll want to talk with. People are always concerned about this, and it’s really not a big deal if you’re from out of state. 

I would love to introduce you to the beauty of Garden of the Gods and all the benefits Colorado Springs can offer. There are no dumb questions, so feel free to ask me anything about the area you want to know. If there’s something off the wall you want or if there’s a local spot you wish to add to the festivities, I can direct you down the right path to getting what you want (and more.)

Let’s Make Garden of the Gods Your Elopement Story

Don’t let another couple steal your dream Garden of the Gods elopement day. Start the planning process ASAP to ensure the time of year you want to be here will be available. Once you start, you won’t want to stop until you and your partner are on the path to pure happiness that will last forever. Reach out to me, and let’s dream up your adventure elopement.