Frequently Asked Questions About Adventure Elopement Planning

Eloping traditionally means getting married secretly or without a large ceremony. It’s often seen as a more intimate and spontaneous way to tie the knot. It’s a great choice for couples who don’t always follow societal norms or who want to do this together without other people’s opinions getting in the way. It used to be about running away and secretly saying, “I do.”

I’ve met all kinds of couples with some of the most interesting love stories you could ever imagine. Your reason for planning an adventure elopement will be different than someone else’s, and that’s the way it should be. Do it for yourself! You can elope because your relationship demands intimacy for this unforgettable moment; you’d rather pass on the stress or expense of a large wedding, and you want a more meaningful exchange of vows.

The thought of having to plan a wedding can be overwhelming enough to make anyone exhausted. You can also head down a path of constant disagreements with your partner, which makes it not fun at all. It’s a lot of stress (and cost) for just one day! Get rid of it! It doesn’t serve you or your partner, and you value your relationship enough to just elope. This is actually a day to truly prioritize growing together as a couple and the relationship you’ve formed  — not to please other people. You don’t need to worry about a DJ, dinner, and drinks to make other people happy.

All you need to share is a kiss, really, that’s it. However, this is your time when no one else is watching to tell your partner how their love rocks your world and what the future holds for you both.  Whether you’re eloping or having a large ceremony, exchanging vows is a beautiful and meaningful part of an elopement ceremony where you express your deepest feelings and promises or commitments to each other.

From a sandy beach ceremony to hiking a trailhead in the mountains, there’s no real dress code for your adventure elopement. Dress your body in whatever makes you feel comfortable. Plan for something special that represents your tone for the day. Maybe you want to be more casual with boots and Carhartt or glam it up with a full-on gown and tuxedo vibe. It’s your call!

As long as you follow the laws for whatever state or country you’re looking to elope in, things will be 100% legit. That’s about as simple as it gets. Are you starting to see how choosing to elope makes things a little more easy? You’re not alone in wondering whether this whole thing will even be legal. It will, and because it’s something you’re passionate about planning on your terms, it can feel different, which is the whole point of doing all of this!

Any location in the United States or another country is generally going to be perfect in the summer — the ideal time for most couples. Depending on where you choose, fall can be the perfect setting, too, with its stunning colors. The options are virtually limitless! Couples often choose meaningful locations like scenic outdoor settings, romantic destinations, or even places with personal significance, like where you first met.

I know the traditional wedding thing is to get married on a Saturday. Well, we don’t have to follow the rules at Adventure Amore. You can damn well do what you please, weekday or even weekend, day or night. If you can help it, elope during the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.)  If it will only be the two of you, this opens up your options to pick any day at any time. You’ll have privacy and an adventure no matter what day of the week it may be.

Studies have found that two people who choose to elope tend to stay together for better or worse. They have also found that more extravagant, over-the-top weddings put stress on couples. Your elopement intimately tells the story of you without crazy costs or fighting over small details. You can start your partnership together without being stuck making payments till death do you part.

Let’s start close to home. Adventure Amore is Colorado’s elopement photographer and planner for a reason; I’ve done a lot of them. I’ve met couples from all walks of life with unique dreams. This is an ideal place to plan for what you and your partner truly want in a ceremony where the location will truly take your breath away, like your love for one another. I can also take you to absolutely stunning settings anywhere you’d like that are made for an adventure elopement experience. I have worked with numerous couples who’ve said “I do” in Italy or another foreign country. There are a few more logistics to plan out, but together we can make the process easy, so you’re not freaking out about the details.

I generally try to keep things small, with about 16 people in all. So many parks and places perfect for Colorado elopements are also open to the public, making parking tricky for you and your guests. There’s also no denying that a ceremony where it’s just you and your amore is always more intimate, allowing for special photos of the memories you make when it’s just the two of you. I always tell my couples that it’s no big deal to do your thing, and then plan for a reception at a more convenient time or location so you can let your hair down with your guests. You can always bring immediate family or a few close friends as witnesses; it’s your call!

The minimum amount of time is four hours for your ideal elopement experience that exceeds your expectations. You can learn all the details here, but it breaks down pretty easily. You can complete what I like to call a “mini Colorado elopement” in four hours. If you want to kick things up a notch and make a day of it, you can get my services for eight hours in a full-day package. Maybe you’re feeling more adventurous and need even more time. That’s fine! You and your partner could plan for a “sunrise to sunset” elopement that adds up to 16 hours. If you’re planning on going beyond a simple commitment ceremony, you want activities, or you’re considering inviting guests, you’ll need a full day. It depends on where and when you want your ceremony to take place.  This is a tricky question until I know what you and your partner are thinking. Speak with me, and we will find enough time to make your dream elopement a reality.

You can download the helpful checklist on this page to get you started. By now, you already know you’re eloping in Colorado (or elsewhere), and that’s half the battle right there. You have ideas that aren’t traditional or conventional. Your relationship has always been unique, and your forever commitment to one another should reflect nothing less. Reach out to me and start the conversation. Give me an idea of what you and your partner are thinking about. This is where your planning can get started. We can eliminate options that won’t work for you or don’t speak to your dreams. You’ll be able to find the right time and the perfect place to create memories that we’ll capture to make photographic history. I’ll capture the essence of your love and nature in a way that tells your story with the same passion you have for each other.